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  • AccpacPrintSetup crashing after upgrading to SAGE 2020 PU2

    In previous version, SAGE 2017. This code works fine. But after upgrading, it crashes.

    Dim oRpt As AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacReport
    oRpt = oSession.ReportSelect("APWMSSOFTRMT[APWMSSOFTRMT.RPT]", " ", " ")

    Dim oRptPrintSetup As AccpacCOMAPI…

  • modify original

    HI I new in the Crystal report area and I would like to modify some standard reports that came out the box and when I do this, as soon I run the parameters input change complete, How I can maintain the same format.   for example: 
    this is the original report…

  • Crystal Report - APCHK03 does not display the cheque amount in text after upgrade to 2018

    We have a customer that has used APCHK03 for many years and then after an upgrade to Sage 300 2018, that form does not display the cheque text amount.  The report itself looks OK in Crystal.  Any suggestions?  It is a standalone machine running Windows 10…

  • Crystal Reports - Linking tables from Timberline SM Data to Timberline Data Source - one table has a prefix while other does not

    I am trying to create a crystal report which will allow me to reprint a batch of open/unpaid SM invoices using information from two different tables, one from the Timberline SM Data and the other from the Timberline Data Source. 

    I have one table in Timberline…

  • ODBC access counts as active Sage50 users

    I'm looking a Sage documentation that says third party applications entered using CrystalReprts.UDL file counts as active users.  When I use an addon, Sage50 says the maximum number of users ....  
    Does anyone have information about this?

  • Crystal Report Hanging after Parameters have been entered

    Hi guys, so I am trying to add a crystal report to Sage 300 ERP however whenever I add same and run the report after entering the date range parameters, the report just freeze, wont load and also wont close when I try to close it. 

    I've unchecked the option…

  • How can i convert number to Text in crystal repport SAP

    i used  this function:

    ProperCase( ToWords(10000, 0) ) //Dix Mille

    but how can i convert in two language french and english
  • Issue with Crystal reports prompting for SQL sa password.

    We are migrating Sage to a new server. When I move over the custom crystal forms, some of them are prompting for a sa password before running. I have checked all my database connections. There is one difference between the two database connections - when…

  • Sage 2017c web screen printing

    We have Sage 300c installed and the Web Screens are accessible.

    However, none of the standard reports display on the web screen if accessing them from a workstation that doesn't have Sage workstation installed on it already. Is there a fix for this?…

  • HELP! I have no idea how to build a report in Crystal and utilize it in Sage

    I am a complete newbie to Crystal Reporting and have watched several tutorials, but they are all for stand alone spreadsheets. I have no clue how to use information within Sage to create a custom Crystal report and how to connect the two of them.

  • SQL Password Prompts in -some- custom reports and intermittently Sage Inteligence

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company has ~20 custom reports setup in Sage 300 as well as a handful of Sage Inteligence reports created by our finance team. Recently, 2 of the custom reports have started prompting for SQL login credentials at the same time Sage BI …

  • Invoice Printing with Crystal Report

    Dear All, 

    I want to print AP Invoice in crystal report due to customized layout. I want to bring Jornal entry in the form of Debit and Credit for AP Invoice, but I am unable to find the relevant fields in the JrnlHdr and JrnlRow,  kindly help me in this…

  • New to Sage 100, need to customize some defaults and to access Crystal Reports

    I won't go into great detail but I am not getting the training I need from my employer and joined here to find answers to questions that I should be able to find myself in a normal working environment. I would like to fix the alignment for check printing…

  • Date Format

    I am building a custom crystal report off the AP Invoice Table. When I grab the APIBH.DATEINVC file, it shows 20,110,101.00. I want to convert it to 1/1/2011. I tried using the following formula:

    date({APIBH.DATEINVC}) but it does not work. Any suggestions…

  • Crystal Report 2011 - Need to install full version?

    I recently upgrade from MAS200 4.4 to MAS200 2014.  the version of Crystal reports for 4.4 will not work when creating custom reports in the NEW MAS200 2014.

    I need to install a full version of crystal reports 2011, it usually is on the MAS200 CD or the…

  • Crystal Reports 10-Failed to export the report to pdf

    Just started with this error in December 2015.  Users of both DC Reader and Acrobat Standard XI, Windows 7 ,Mas 4.2. Not sure if MS or Adobe update caused the issue.  Any help is appreciated!

  • Crystal reports - how do I create a subset of data using crystal reports?

    I need to be able to review invoice line history for specific customers for a period in time(AR INIVOICEC HISTORY) Detail and Header).  From that data I want to exclude specific items sold during specific date ranges(Sale items).  Once I have gotten the…

  • Reprinting Order Confirmation

    Dear All,
    I would like to reprint order confirmation with different completed status in OEORDH & OEORDD.
    So I edited the selection formula in crystal report (oeconf01) like that.

          ({OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 1 or {OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 2) or
       // order header…

  • Custom Crystal Reports Sales Order Report

    We have a custom Crystal report that we run every morning that shows sales based on divisions. We can input a custom date / division / etc. I have recently discovered that the report shows sales that have not been invoiced yet. For instance, I can run…