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  • Sage 2017c web screen printing

    We have Sage 300c installed and the Web Screens are accessible.

    However, none of the standard reports display on the web screen if accessing them from a workstation that doesn't have Sage workstation installed on it already. Is there a fix for this?…

  • New to Sage 100, need to customize some defaults and to access Crystal Reports

    I won't go into great detail but I am not getting the training I need from my employer and joined here to find answers to questions that I should be able to find myself in a normal working environment. I would like to fix the alignment for check printing…

  • Date Format

    I am building a custom crystal report off the AP Invoice Table. When I grab the APIBH.DATEINVC file, it shows 20,110,101.00. I want to convert it to 1/1/2011. I tried using the following formula:

    date({APIBH.DATEINVC}) but it does not work. Any suggestions…

  • Can you customize canned reports to connect to more that one database?

    We would like to take some of the existing reports in 300 and modify them to run for multiple databases from one company.  Is this possible without writing a whole new report?  We do have a connector license.  


    LeShel Rich

  • pwFormatDate not working

    I was writing a very simple report that I am trying to format the Sage 300 date for and I get an error.  Does anyone know how to fix this or a different more reliable way to format Sage300 date fields.

    I tried using:

    pwFormatDate ({CPEMPL.HIREDATE})

  • Crystal Report 2011 - Need to install full version?

    I recently upgrade from MAS200 4.4 to MAS200 2014.  the version of Crystal reports for 4.4 will not work when creating custom reports in the NEW MAS200 2014.

    I need to install a full version of crystal reports 2011, it usually is on the MAS200 CD or the…

  • Crystal report datapipe connector fix from years ago does not work for Sage 300 2016

    Crystal report datapipe connector fix from years ago does not work for Sage 300 2016.  Will Sage release another fix?

  • Crystal Reports 10-Failed to export the report to pdf

    Just started with this error in December 2015.  Users of both DC Reader and Acrobat Standard XI, Windows 7 ,Mas 4.2. Not sure if MS or Adobe update caused the issue.  Any help is appreciated!

  • Crystal reports - how do I create a subset of data using crystal reports?

    I need to be able to review invoice line history for specific customers for a period in time(AR INIVOICEC HISTORY) Detail and Header).  From that data I want to exclude specific items sold during specific date ranges(Sale items).  Once I have gotten the…

  • Custom Crystal Reports Sales Order Report

    We have a custom Crystal report that we run every morning that shows sales based on divisions. We can input a custom date / division / etc. I have recently discovered that the report shows sales that have not been invoiced yet. For instance, I can run…