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  • Remotely Shared Company Access


    I have 5users including owner account in my Sage 50. I recently shared some of my companies in Sage 50 2021 remotely but only give "remote access" to two of the users. Now my other 2 users cannot access the the companies and requires to set up a Sage…

  • Character increase in fields

    Is there a way to increase the number of characters in any given field, ie:  ID and description in inventory?

  • How to prevent users from posting to a particular account?

    How to prevent users from posting to a particular account?

  • Sage 100 Log-On pop-up isn't the active window when logging in.

    This isn't a big issue but an annoying one that, when launching the software, all users must first click to make the screen that just popped up, to make it the active window. Any way to automatically make it active so we can skip that step hundreds…

  • Match BOM Production Entry Line Sequence to BOM Maintenance detail line entry

    We are on Sage 100c 2019 and I'm trying to find out a way, that when BOM Production Entry is launched and we go to the lines tab, that the line sequence is NOT alphabetical/numeric ascending (which appears to be the default), but based on the way the…

  • Preferred or required Windows 10 display resolutions?

    Does Sage 300 have any guidance on Windows 10 display resolution settings?  I have noticed that whenever a user changes their resolution from the default to something else, they can often mess up the Sage 300 application's ability to show everything.…

  • Lien waivers-Timberscan & Sage

    This is a question about lien waivers for anyone that uses both Sage and Timberscan. We have tried selecting a vendor as "Other" when setting it up in Sage (because we don't want lien waivers to print out for those vendors) but if a vendor is selected…

  • Chart of Account set up/deletion linked account

    I had to set up a new account but found it was placed correctly.  When I tried multiple times to either adjust or delete will not allow me to do either.  States it is a linked account but I can not find where it is linked anywhere?  Help please

  • Cleaning Up Old Earning Codes

    Hello and good afternoon.  I am new to Sage 100 and we are looking to clean up a number of old and unused earning code.  Is there a way to make these codes inactive?  I did not see an option in Earning Code Maintenance.  All of the documentation I have found…

  • Multiple business

    Hi everyone,

    I am having trouble in selecting a program from sage to start my book keeping for 3 small separate business. I am not understanding if I will be able to buy one program so basically one user but have multiple companies set up. If this is…

  • Setting up permissions for Work Orders

    We are having issues with unauthorized people changing job cost codes, moving people around in the D-board and activating jobs. We need to set up read-only access for SM work orders and found the area to restrict access in the Security Administration…

  • Error Message while opening Sage X3 Management console

    Getting the below error while opening Sage X3 Management Console version 12. All the services are running, PORTs are opened and Sage installed on the same server machine.

  • From raw material to finished product

    Hello everyone,

    Currently in inventory we have raw materials as stock item and finished goods as Assemblies.

    My question is how to handle the conversion of these raw materials into Products for sale.
    In short, the production.

    Thank you very much.


  • Trying to locate file

    Trying to modify Sage 300 ERP to open Payment Processing module to use with PAYA and cannot locate file. Anyone know where I can access this? I looked all through the install files we have and the files only go up to 

  • Variable GLONAYS non existent

    Im getting this error, and I have not find any related articles

    WWAGLOBUSR$adx (244) Variable Non-existent GLONAYS

  • Blank Income fields on payroll check screen

    Just wondering has anyone run into a problem when opening the paychecks screen and an employee shows nothing under the income tab.  The employee record does show information but it will  not show on the paycheck screen.

  • defaulting site for non-managed goods

    I'm having an issue as the product-site is not defaulting on the PO line but rather it is defaulting the financial site.  I have a specific site linked to items that are not-managed (for reporting purposes) but for some reason the site is not being…

  • 401k Setup

    I am setting up a 401k plan in SAGE 50.  I am using the payroll wizard but it asks for the general ledger account number to use (for employer and employee) and I'm not sure what to use as my chart of accounts does not have anything for 401k.  My accountant…

  • Viewing charge types in PM

    Is there a way to just view the charge types that are set up in PM other than having access to set up charge types?

  • Inventory search by product line

    why can I not lock that and scroll through the list from item to item but just the one product line?

  • Moving Sage 500 ERP to New Server

    Hello all, 

    I've been tasked in moving our current SAGE 500 ERP 2017 7.8.1 is running on Server 2008R2/SQL 2008R2 on XYZ domain to a new VM running Server 2016 Standard/SQL 2014 Standard on ABC domain. Given my short experience with SQL I wanted to get…

  • online sharing of documents in X3

    Is there any function within X3 enabling online document sharing? I would like to share an excel file with other users somewhere in X3 and have online edition for everyone. Same as in Sharepoint.

    Have anyone an idea how to do it?

  • ESS Approval Notifications - Can approval notification go to more than one person

    Within ESS, is it possible to set an approval notification to go to more than one person?

    Currently, it is set for the manager to get the time off notice and approve.  However, I also need to receive notice the request was approved or denied.

    Can ESS be…

  • How do I show SHARED on my dashboard

    Hello, as admin I am opening up Sage 50 and working in it and saving everything,  But when i open Sage in either Single or Multi user  it is not coming up as SHARED, this means everything I have worked on and saved cannot be seen by my co-worker when she…



    Has anyone a functional documentation Planner one - Production Scheduler for V11?

    Thanks in advanced for your help.