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  • Default Payment from Funds Account

    Hello!  I have searched for this answer to no avail. I know when you create a new Funds (AKA Retainer) Account payment, you have the option to check the box that says "Automatic payment of new charges on bill." However, our firm wants to set that as a…

  • OAUTH Import Emails error re: secret value

    I have followed all of the steps in the Admin guide to configure Email Configuration with OAUTH.  I can send emails fine, so I know my Azure AD setup, Client ID and Secret are all correct.

    I then followed the steps for Administration | Email and Documents…

  • Credit Memo Status

    Is there a way to allow change of the Sales Credit Memo and Customer Invoice status so it doesn't get auto posted with the posting recurring task?

    We have some that need to be reviewed further and approved before posting them.

  • How do I change the Client Information page to show "State" instead of "Prvc" and "Zip" instead of "P.C."?

    I had to replace my PC and re-installed Timeslips in my new PC, but now the Client Information page has changed to Canadian vs. US address information which was not the case before.  Specifically, on the address portion of the Client Information page,…

  • Cross Border Canada/USA


    My brother and I have a small home rental business in Canada. He is in Canada running the day to day operations and I will be helping out with the book keeping and accounting. Can we seemlessly use the app even though we are in two different countries…

  • Auto-fill price field in misc receipt

    Good day,

    I am wondering if there is a setting to change that will allow the price field to auto-fill in the Misc. Receipt window. Currently we have to manually enter it after checking the price detail in product record:

    Thank you,


  • HAPSET Monthly Remittance Setup

    We are required to remit HAPSET monthly, which is 2% of the gross payroll. How do I set up the account, so I don't have to create an invoice, but instead select the "vendor" to pay right away? Is it possible?

  • Generation of purchase order when request signed.

    We would like to have purchase orders automatically generated when a purchase request has been signed / validated. However, struggling to implement this process.

    Looked into workflows, signatures, copying the action behind the order button that is on the…

  • Error 94 while trying to login to Pastel ver19 from a work station.

    Error 94 on a workstation for Pastel ver 19.

    Error 94 while trying to login to Pastel ver19. I have followed the Sage online. That has eventally lead to me reloading the software but I still have the same error. This is on a workstation that was connected…

  • FNB Bank Fees

    Good Day,

    My client has linked her FNB account to Sage and has received a message saying someone has logged into her online banking? She received this message same time last week.

    Is this the link between FNB & Sage? Also how many times a day does this…

  • [X3 v12p30] Error when implementing syracuse self-signed certificates after a successful certgen and certificates replacement.

    Sage X3 v12p30. All component match requirement.

    I am using certgen in syracuse cert-tools.

    When I am done replacing the certificates, send certificate to runtime, and apply passphrase to the certificate in syracuse certificate folder, I got these errors…

  • Aloha from Hawaii! Help!

    New to Businessworks.

    Our fiscal close is on Oct. 31. Trial balance data is limited and is only showing me Oct. 2019 to current and nothing prior. 

    How can I access this information? 

  • copy all the assets from one company to a newly created company

    I would like to use a newly created company to do the budget and projection. How do I copy all the assets (including the customized fields) to the newly created company? Both companies are on the same database.

  • Auto logout issue CRM 2022 R2

    Customer has the user configuration setting Auto Logout = Yes.  But if they close the CRM browser then log in again CRM says they are already logged in.

    I think that this was supposed to be fixed in CRM 2019 R2.

    Anyone else got this or know how to fix it…

  • Hide field unless user id is one of x, y, z

    There is a field that people should be able to complete when adding a new company, but not able to change / view when on the change menu unless they are one of four people.

    We thought an On Change script would work for this and have tried the below, however…

  • prompted for sage login when previewing invoices

    We recently migrated our local server installation of Sage 300 CRE to another server.  (Sage V. 20.5.1)

    Since then, all users are prompted to login to a DB whenever they preview an invoice in Service Mgt.

    Sage support has not been able to resolve this…

  • Prevent users from making more sales orders


    I want to know if it is possible that when a customer is over their credit limit or behind their payments, the program can be set to prevent making more sales orders for that customer.

    If not, I would really appreciate this feature.

    Thank you.

  • Are You Finding for Edit or Create A Bank Statement?

    Are You Finding for Edit or Create A Bank Statement?

  • Sage CRM sData CRUD operation

    We are currently checking the capability of sData CRUD operation of Sage CRM.  We are currently checking it with POSTMAN with Sage CRM 2020R2 and Sage CRM 2022.  We are trying to create complete Company record in one single request which has its persons…

  • The X3PV12/SEED endpoint is not allowed for handheld access.

    Anyone knows how to deal with this?

  • PO Copying Feature

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am trying to copy from PO to PO.  However, on the original PO we have modified the description.  When we use the copy feature it doesn't copy over the modified description.  Is there a setting that I am missing?

    The reason I ask is because…

  • Peachtree Icon Not Showing Correctly in Taskbar

    Today I had to move my Peachtree Complete 2010 to another PC because of a PC problem.  I got everything installed and updated correctly.  The icon for Peachtree on the desktop shows the peach.  But wen Peachtree is opened, the icon shown in the taskbar for…

  • Create Slip in Sage Timeslips message

    When we enter a payment  - Tasks, Payments, Enter payment, Save.  Then a message pops up "Do you want to create slips in Sage Timeslips for the transaction you just entered in Sage 50?"  We do not want to see this message.  How do we stop it!!

  • How to work with EDI module in sage X3?


    We are trying to implement EDI modules for e-invoice issue which is required to connect with 3rd party. Does anyone have more examples, videos, or sage university course about EDI?

    We currently use Sage X3 V12, EDI protocol type to declare is …

  • Business Type - LLC or S-Corp

    In setting up a new company that is a multi-member LLC but will be taxed as an S-Corp, should the Business Type under Company Set Up be an LLC or S-Corp?.  I believe this is just to set up the correct chart of accounts but the business type can be changed…