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  • The Component Manager: A round up of essential articles

    The following videos and articles are the key resources that will allow you to get a sense of the power of using the Component Manager in Sage CRM and also to understand the very clear challenges that it can present.


  • Making the Best Use of a component Parameter Screen

    If you have created a set of customizations for Sage CRM the probably you do not want to spoil the users experience by presenting an empty parameter screen when a System Administrator comes to install the product.

    For example the System Administrator…

  • Some thoughts about removing a component. (This will help when planning to remove a custom primary entity).

    I didn't intend to write this as an article. Like many of my posts it was simply going to be an answer to a question in the forums but when it grew in length I decided it would work better as an article. But I must stress that these are only my initial…

  • Component Recording

    When working with the Component Manager it is possible to record customizations that you make and input to another CRM system.

    This is an extemely handy feature saving lots of time , effort and possible tantrums. Recording a component is very straighforward…

  • Component Manager CustomDotNet dll

    Can anyone tell me how the component manager knows which CustomDotNet dll(s) to include in the CustomDotNet folder when a component is scripted?

    I am scripting a new component that has been developed over the last month and the component manager is adding…

  • Creating a Secondary entity in a custom Component


    as I am not able to track entity creation in a custom component (probably because Entity Wizard scripting is not able to be tracked in the current active component), I'm trying to create my entity by adding manual scripting in my Component ".ec file…

  • Merging two components


    I want to merge two components into a new single component.

    Can I automate the merging process any way?

    Or would this purely be a manual job. Merging the component script to a single file and merging the folder items to a single component folders?

  • DeleteCustom_Field returning error


    When I am executing the DeleteCustom_Field command in a Component Manager, it is returning error. Snapshots below. If I am missing something?

    Thank you.



  • The DropTable() method is not working as expected (7.2)


    Why the DropTable() method is not working as expected? The below script is not dropping the table. file's content:

    //Script file generated by Sage CRM 7.2.b on 10/2/2014 12:16:52 PM


    Tables that have been added or updated


  • Custom Mail merge fields for word documents.


    I am currently working on a word document for mail merge. The way i am doing it is that i first create a word doc on my physical machine and i will then include fields which i will acquire from the drop down list. This drop down list can be found…