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  • Credit Control - Customer Communication History - Report Linked to Specific Invoices and print out option with Aged Debtors

    Good day dear all

    Any idea if there is a report or how could i possibly create one as such?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestion

  • Copies of letters and statements to be attached to communications tab on customer card

    There is no history of a letter being sent to a customer.  Sage used to record the type of letter but not a copy of the actual letter.  WIth dynamic content in the letter s set it is important to retain a copy of the letter that was sent to refer back to…

  • Can I use CRM escalation to send out an email that is currently filed as a communication with it's filed attachment?

    I am using Sage CRM 2020 R1.

    I am using the email manager service to pick up emails and create a communication in CRM. Every email has attachments.

    Depending on some logic, I want to be able to send the email and attachment out to another recipient.

  • Update your communication preferences with Sage

    You can update you communication preferences with Sage by clicking on the link below:

    Update preferences

    Enter you email address and receive a link to update your preferences and update your contact details online.

    If you prefer to receive newsletters…

  • Link a communication and promised payment to a transaction

    The communications tab is cumbersome to use - you have to tab to add three lines in the description box, you cannot see the activity whilst adding a communication, and you cannot link a promised payment/dispute/communication to a transaction. 

  • Updated fields not showing on communication screen

    I made some changes to fields on the Communications screen, however we're seeing an issue where not every screen is showing the update.

    We changed the date fields to:

    ^^this is a communication accessed from Communication Search>click into Subject…

  • vCommunication - Show unique/distinct Comm_CommunicationID

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I could not find it, if it exists.

    In a lead, under communications, if a user has filled in a recepient, a CC and a BCC, there will be 3 records in the CommunicationLeadList

    Is there a way to only show…

  • Data migration Sage CRM to Sage CRM -- insert failed

    I am currently working on migrating data from one Sage CRM system to another.  The current system was established in 2006 and for many reasons needs a "fresh start".

    My biggest challenge has been the communications records.  There are about 350…

  • Email Reply to different than sender

    Client is using CRM 2020 R1 and they would like to be able to select a different "Reply to" mail box.  I don't see the field on their version but in My CRM 2021 R1, the field is there for template creation and in the email editor.  Was this…

  • Run a report/search of all companies/clients who have not been communicated with from a specific date

    I want to know if it's possible to run a report or run an advanced search to find all companies/clients where my company has not filed a communication in the company record since May 1, 2018. Is this possible to do without writing a SQL code? Is there…

  • Send email from Order to other than customer

    When sending an email from an order, the "To" field automatically defaults to the customer's email when sending the email from the communications tab.  Is it possible to default to another email address after selecting a specific email template…

  • Get organized with Sage Accounting new enhancements

    We are now well into 2021 and in the midst of tax season. As a business owner, you have a lot to juggle while maximizing your financial performance. Sage Accounting is listening and continuing to provide enhancements to help you run your business.


  • Sage Accounting is helping make everyday tasks easier

    Simplicity in Complicated Times

    As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. To ensure you stay on top of your finances we've simplified some of your regular tasks and reports saving you valuable working hours.

    Improvements to reports and invoices…

  • New year, new Sage Accounting features

    New Year, New features to get excited about!

    For small and growing businesses and practices in an ever-changing world, we're listening and committed to solving the problems that matter most to you.

    Keeping your customers is more important than ever…

  • Hide the new appointment entry screen


    Can someone show me how to hide the new appointment screen from certain users.

  • Increase File Size Limitation

    Can someone advise if there is a way to increase the file upload restriction. You can set it to 10, 20, 30 but no more. I've followed various articles that say you can just add more options in the selection list through through Inline Translation. However…

  • Outbound Call List. View Person Communications.

    When using the outbound call list feature, users would like to be able to see the communications tab of the person being called.  I don't currently see how to add that.  Is it possible?

    When you click on "Get a Call", you are presented with a screen…

  • Sage CRM 2020: Suppressing Display of Duplicate Meeting Records in Company and Person Context

    A component that implements this feature can be found in the download folder "Example components and developer resources". You will need to be logged on to the community with the correct rights to be able to access this library of resources.…
  • An approach to recording completed marketing communications sent by an external system

    A customer uses an external system to generate marketing emails to contacts. These contacts exist as records in their accounting system that is integrated with Sage CRM. This means that the contact exists in both Sage CRM and the Sage BMS but because…

  • Adding a selection list of Person email addresses to the Email screen

    When sending emails from within CRM it's sometimes useful to be able to add in multiple people from the associated Company. To do this you can (this example uses sdata):

    1) Create a view on the system to expose the necessary person information.


  • Customizing the Communication List to display 'Emails Only'

    A customer had a requirement from their sales users to be able to filter the communication screen to show all Emails, both inbound and outbound.

    You can see below that I have managed this by creating the option to filter 'Emails Only'.


  • Sage CRM 2020 R2: Mailchimp Logs and Settings

    The mailchimp configuration settings available in the meta data table custom_SysParams.

    You can inspect these using the query

    select * from Custom_SysParams where Parm_Name like '%MailChimp%'

    The integration is carried out by the main CRM webapp…

  • Sage CRM 2020 R2: Mailchimp and Communication Records

    When you read the documentation it confirms that a communication record will be created as part of the synchronization of data from Mailchimp to Sage CRM.

    "A communication record is created for each email recipient. Your system administrator specifies…

  • Collecting Information from Checkboxes in TableLevel Scripts

    A customer had a requirement to add a series of check boxes to the Lead screen. The check boxes would allow the user to quickly classify and collect the different interests of a prospect as it the new Lead was entered into the system. Once the lead was…

  • Working with 'Create Follow-Up Task' and 'Create Follow-Up Appointments' using Server Side code

    The image above shows the New Task screen. Both the New Task and New Appointment screens allow a user to Create Follow-up Communications.

    A customer might have a business requirement to know whether the communication a user is currently entering…