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  • Resolved | Technical issue: Users unable to log into Citrix (Hosted customers)

    Resolved on 2021/09/23

    Update 12:30

    This issue has been resolved and services have been restored.

    Affected user will be able to access payroll via Citrix.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Original post

    We are aware that users are unable…

  • Update | Resolved | Technical issue: Users unable to log into Citrix (Hosted customers)

    Update 12:30

    This issue has been resolved and services have been restored.

    Affected user will be able to access payroll via Citrix.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Original post

    We are aware that users are unable to log into Citrix to…

  • Online Payments - Please Help!

    We have setup online payments to use sage pay and its all setup correctly and we have tested our sage pay credentials on another sage 200 system so we know they work and are not the issue. We have tried everything to get it to work on our sage 200 system…

  • Sage 2017 PU 2 Crystal Report parameter values do not display for Citrix users

    With the switch to remote this client's users are connecting via Citrix from home. Things are working in general. However, when we run a Crystal Report from the Sage desktop or a report that we have customized (the AR Aging report) and that Crystal report…

  • Sage CRM 2021: An Overview of System Security

    Sage CRM is a product that has an expectation that its users are going to want to access the system from a wide variety of locations, both inside and outside the corporate network and that they will be accessing it using a range of different devices.

  • Client's IT Questions Regarding Citrix XenApp

    We are working with a client who has a new IT company. They have asked questions regarding Citrix XenApp that I do not know the answers to. I am looking for the "sage" response to these. This is in reference to our 2018 Software Support Matrix:…

  • Sage Paperless and Citrix Environments

    Hello All,

    Going to risk the waters here and ask my second question today.  We are implementing Paperless and most users will access through Citrix.  I had two questions surrounding this:

    1-The instructions says pvaultupdater needs to be run each day…

  • Move file creation path to local user settings file in Citrix


  • Drill down not functioning although blue on TB

    I'm running a Citrix Virtual Desktop (which identifies to software as Windows 8. The drill down functionality on the reports in Sage 2017 is now functioning, although the items, for example on a Trial Balance, appear blue for drill down. Any help please…

  • (IT Administrators) Best supported infrastructure for a one site, multi user company

    Hi all,

    I would like to know what Sage's preferred (and supported) infrastructure is for a windows network.

    We have most of our business applications virtualised in a Citrix environment, and all of them work seamlessly, however Sage 50…

  • Remote Office Connectivity


    I typed a post in last evening and it did not show so trying again.  Was wondering what other offices are using for branch office connectivity at this point?  We have been using RDS/Citrix for years and it has been a great solution but I always…

  • Looking to install Sage 50 accounting client on a Citrix server

    I recently started working for a Managed service provider. One of our clients would like to install the Sage 50 client on a Citrix server for just a couple remote users to access. The Sage 50 program is already installed on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise…

  • Citrix access to PCC.exe after "Monitor" executable went away.

    I would like to know what permissions (aside from Everyone having all permissions) are required for access to run the PCC.exe monitor function to be able to can open files and sessions on  my Sage file server?   What appears in the PCC monitor when logged…

  • Sage 300 2018 with Citrix


    We have a customer running Sage 300 2018 with Windows Server 2012 R2 /SQL Server 2012. All programs at server with workstation setup for clients. All people working great.

    They are going to open an office with some new users there and they want to…

  • CITRIX printing delays - Sage 100-C


    We recently upgraded our Sage 100 ERP software to the SQL based version, Sage 100 2017-C.  We also upgraded to the cloud and using Citrix through Microsoft Azure.  We went Live about 2 months ago and printing has been a continuous issue.

    For example…

  • I've seen several posts about the 1000 limit for dynamic parameters in Crystal Reports

    We run on a Citrix environment do I need to make the registry change on every users computer or just the Citrix servers?

    We're running Cyrstal Reports 2013 with Sage 100 in a Citrix environment. The users are logged into any one of 4 servers that connect…

  • Issues with printing in Citrix 7.7 environment and version 2016.1

    We recently upgraded our environment to use Citrix 7.7.  While initial testing did not reveal any issues, users are now experiencing application lockups when printing.   We have  possible workaround that works at the time of the issue, but is not a permanent…

  • New 2016.1 Licensing in a Virtual Enviroment

    Our company is using a standard enterprise combination of Citrix VDI and VMWare to provide Virtual Windows Desktops that the Sage client is running in.

    The 2016.1 release is causing issues with the new Sage licensing, as every time an employee logs in…

  • Sage 100 w/ Rackpace, Level 3, Azure, or Amazon Web


    We are using Sage 100 Advanced with about 100 users in ten warehouse locations and a couple dozen work at home employees across the US. We are currently hosting Sage in one of our locations and everyone outside that location is accessing through…

  • Sage 100 ERP (MAS200) Citrix issues


    We migrated our Citrix environment to a new server and now MAS200 is not working.  When I try to launch it from our remote site, I see the connection screen briefly and then it disappears.  A new process is started on the Citrix server every time I…

  • Sage 100 ERP Best Practices

    "What are the best practices you use to prepare for upgrading Sage 100 ERP and/or setting up a Terminal Server or Citrix environment?" was a hot topic from the Sage City Live networking event at Sage Summit 2013.  What are your thoughts?

  • Optimizing Sage 300 & Sage Estimating (Pervasive) for use in Published Environments (Citrix, Terminal Services, Cloud Computing, etc...).

    This discussion is geared at compiling documentation on any preferred methods, settings, or recommendations that will allow users to
    optimize the use of Sage 300, and Sage Estimating Pervasive in a published environment. 

    I'm looking for any suggestions…