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  • Recent update to Microsoft Edge affecting Chrome browser?

    Hoping someone can assist.  We have a client system where one user is experiencing issues in Sage CRM.  However, no other users in the organization are experiencing issues.  The issue is that the screen appears to be freezing in some way.  When the issue happens…

  • Known Issue: Apple MacBook users unable to launch payroll when using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers

    We are aware of an issue were Apple MacBook users are unable to launch the payroll when using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    The following message appears when launching the payroll:

    This issue is currently being investigated.

    Current Work Around: The…

  • Chrome updates impacting Sage 300 sign in

    Problem Details:

    Sage CRM 2020 R2 is integrated with Sage 300 ERP 2021 (with PU2).

    Sage 300 2021 PU2 CRM Integration has been installed and synchronizes tables successfully. The issue is that the Sage 300 web screen login appears whenever you create…

  • Using Chrome to help write Client Side Scripts

    What I find is so useful about the Chrome developer console is that it lets you edit JavaScript code on the fly and so is a very good way of starting to evolve a business rule that needs to be written in the Custom Content field or even an onChange script…

  • Navigating Sage CRM in Different Browsers

    Sage CRM allows users to choose which browser they use.

    This article will introduce you to some of the the differences in keyboard navigation within different browsers that a user may notice.

    This article will compare Internet Explorer and Firefox and…

  • Using Drag & Drop to Upload Documents and Attach them to a Task

    In the article "Uploading and Attaching Documents to a Task in Different Browsers" I explained that in Sage CRM we can

    • Upload Multiple Documents and Create a Task
    • Attach Multiple Documents to an Existing Task

    The Drag and Drop document feature…

  • Uploading and Attaching Documents to a Task in Different Browsers

    Sage CRM has a group of features around managing documents. The changes are experienced slightly differently depending on which browser is used.

    • Upload Multiple Documents and Create a Task
    • Attach Multiple Documents to an Existing Task

    This article…

  • Sage CRM 7.2g and the Enter key on Google Chrome


    I am having a weird issue after our upgrade to CRM 7.2g where the enter key will not submit a find in Google Chrome anymore. Apparently Sage Support cannot replicate this issue on their end and I have tried various versions of Chrome on different…

  • Sage100 Sales Order Entry Screen Won't Launch

    Has anyone had this issue before? I have 1 workstation that will not launch the Sales Order Entry screen when I try to create/change a Order or quote. CRM creates a new tab in IE to launch winx, but it just hangs for a few seconds then goes away. Its…
  • Is there a way to open Sage X3 generated PDF files directly in Chrome?


    every time you print a document in Sage X3 v11, a PDF is generated and downloaded. We use Google Chrome as default browser in the company, and even some workarounds like are possible, what…

  • How do I add a bookmark on Google Chrome to access Payroll Professional?

    In order to easily access Payroll Professional, we recommend that you bookmark the site.


    • A box will pop up, and will allow you to choose a…