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  • Facing issue while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on a new servers of Sage X3 version 12.0.26

    I got an error while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on the X3 version 12.0.26. "Create session error : The folder version is different from the version of the root folder.", As shown in the screenshot below :

    Has anyone…

  • Installing new 2021 client after upgrading server to 2022

    After installing the 2022 update to the server and existing workstations successfully, I was tasked with setting up a new workstation.

    Now when I try using the sage 2022 installer on the machine, I get the message that the license is not valid.

    So I figured…

  • Sage 100 - Station Name in Master Console


    I am trying to find out how Sage 100 (in my case Premium) obtains the (Work-)Station name shown in the Master Console. Sage "remembers" some of its settings based on that station name.

    We tried setting the Windows environment varia…

  • Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2018 download


    I would like to know if anyone has a copy of Sage 50—U.S. Edition 2018? I contacted Sage and was told they do not keep older versions of the software and to ask someone in the community. Any and all help would be appreciated thank you,

  • Moving Sage 500 ERP to New Server

    Hello all, 

    I've been tasked in moving our current SAGE 500 ERP 2017 7.8.1 is running on Server 2008R2/SQL 2008R2 on XYZ domain to a new VM running Server 2016 Standard/SQL 2014 Standard on ABC domain. Given my short experience with SQL I wanted to get…

  • Sage DacEasy 2015 Activation help

    We are planning to move to Sage50 by end of year but we still need to keep DacEasy 2015 going at the same time. We replaced the PC and installed 2015, however, activation is not available on this product from Sage any longer. Is there a way I can transfer…

  • Sage 50 2019 version installation


    Can some one help me with 2019 sage 50 installation on windows please


  • Planner One installation

    Hi guys,

    We are facing a small issue during our Planner One installation. Previously we had installed with no problem. However this time during the Powershell installation an error pops up such as the image below. This is on a complete new server so don…

  • After V12 installation, connect to X3 folder, no classic functions

    Installation on new servers, V12.24.  Console configured, all active, Syracuse and Mongo installed on separate server.  Can log in to X3, added solution, auto populated all settings, can add X3 endpoint, added super admins to X3 endpoint.  WHen I connect…

  • Pop Up


    I have a problem...

    I download 2018 sage 50 in my laptop and when I load into a zip file, there is a pop up saying "A required data file is missing. Check your data directory to be sure the files are there".

    I still can't figure it out and…

  • Proper way to install and upgrade Sage on a new workstation.

    Hey we are moving our current server install of Sage 50 to a new computer and at the same time upgrade from 2020 to 2021. Is there an appropriate way to go about this process. I will also have 5 workstations that will need to be upgrade to 2021 and then…

  • Sage50 - "select an existing company" Setup Step

    I'm at the step in the installation process where is asks me to select and existing company, then follow the steps. I got to the final step where I had to click on START.SAI and then my computer got an error notification that said "Cannot open company…

  • Supports Linux OS details

    Hi Team,

    Want to know whether Sage50 US 2021 version can be install in Linux OS like Centos 6 or 7. Please give me the installation guide details.

  • Re-Install, Activation and Registration of Sage 50 Premium 2017

    We purchased Sage 50 Premium 2017 back on November 4th 2016. It was licensed to our company. I have the serial number, the account ID, the key code and the invoice from Sage giving us the download link, etc. We were allowed to have it on 2 computers so…

  • Issue with Sage X3 version 12 patch 24 installation when installing Supervisor - Convergence session not found on this server

    Hi everyone,

    Wondering if you have faced the same issue when installing Sage X3 version 12 patch 24 (from ISO file as a new installation, not patch update). All the steps has been completed correctly and X3 solution and X3 Endpoint added, when checking…

  • Detailed Upgrade Process Complete Accounting - Sage50 2015 to Sage50 2021

    Planning an upgrade on a Windows 10 Workstation for Sage50 Complete Accounting On-Premise from 2015 to 2021.  I am seeing several posts on upgrades causing error messages and would like this to be as clean as possible due to the Sage50 database upgrade…

  • Sage Timeslips 2017 Installer Download

    I work for a small MSP on the west coast. We have a client that uses Timeslips 2017. We are in the process of migrating this client to a new Windows 2016 Server but we cannot locate an installer for Timeslips 2017. Sage support will not provide this as…

  • How long should you be expected to hold for support?

    I've been on hold for support for over 4 hours this afternoon and am now holding for a third support person.  This is unacceptable!  If support is experiencing higher than normal call volumes everyday, then the volume is actually normal and they should…

  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2018 Update

    Hello to all,

    I have Sage 50 Quantum Accounting 2018 installed on my server, and also on other client computers. This week I wanted to install Sage on another computer but it shows me the following message:

    I am realizing that the Sage we already had…

  • Sage 50 CA Server Connection Manager will not Update (2021.0)


    We got a notification on Friday (Nov 20) about a new update to our Sage 50 software, and proceeded to update our computers with the new update. This morning (Nov 23) we went to update the connection manager on our server machine, but there is…

  • Unhandled Exception Error number 0x80040702 Description: Failed to load DLL: a4winst Setup will now terminate

    Hi, I hope you and your family doing well in this pandemic situation. 

    I am doing a course in udemy on Sage300erp and I face some problem. 
    course link:…

  • sage 50 premium accounting 2019.2


    i have sage 50 premium 2019.0 and im trying to update it to 2019.2 but it tells me that i need to download sage 50 on the computer first before upgrading, which i already have sage 50 on the computer. what do i do for it to work?

  • installer file

    World Source would like the latest installer file for Business Vision. 

  • Unable to update 2017 file into 2021.

    I have a company file that was worked on by Sage in 2017 and I have not been able to update into the new programs. As a work around I have been using it in 2017 version, however I have upgraded my computer and no longer have the 2017 so I need it fixed…

  • Problem with Download and Installation of 2021.0 Release for Sage50Cloud

    I received notification to download and install the 2021.0 product update.

    I downloaded the update.  When exiting Sage it asks the "Install Now" or "Remind Me Later" questions.

    My problem is that I click Install Now and nothing happens…