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  • LTD Benefits paid 100% by employee

    Looking to find information on the correct posting for LTD Benefits 100% paid by employee.

    The LTD payment by employee is being posted to LTD Payable account 2000 through the Payable module

    The LTD payment made to the insurance company is being paid in…

  • Pop Up


    I have a problem...

    I download 2018 sage 50 in my laptop and when I load into a zip file, there is a pop up saying "A required data file is missing. Check your data directory to be sure the files are there".

    I still can't figure it out and…

  • Annual subscription plan for Sage 50cloud Accounting

    Received first renewal, do users recommend to continue with the subscription? Are the benefits worth the expense? 

  • sage 50 premium accounting 2019.2


    i have sage 50 premium 2019.0 and im trying to update it to 2019.2 but it tells me that i need to download sage 50 on the computer first before upgrading, which i already have sage 50 on the computer. what do i do for it to work?

  • Unable to update 2017 file into 2021.

    I have a company file that was worked on by Sage in 2017 and I have not been able to update into the new programs. As a work around I have been using it in 2017 version, however I have upgraded my computer and no longer have the 2017 so I need it fixed…

  • Sage 50 CA list of querries...


    We have installed sage 50 CA 2019 edition in Indonesia. We have some series of questions which needs a clarification

    1) Does SAGE 50 CA support business intelligence report.? is this available outside Canada??

    2) Does SAGE 50 CA support add-on services…

  • Need a copy of the Sage 50 Pro 2012 software to download please

    My previous laptop crashed, and I bought a new one which does not have a CD drive, so I am unable to install Sage.

    Does anyone have a copy of the Sage Pro 2012 for me to download please so that i can install my product key? Thanks!

  • Payroll

    I see that a future US version of Sage 50 (release 2020.0) will include the option for 27 or 53 pay periods.  When will the Canadian edition have that option?

  • Down grade Sage 50 Quantum file back to Premium

    Looking for a third party that can down grade a file back to Sage 50 Premium

  • Doing Payroll while in History Mode

    Your new company database does not yet include your former payroll data.

    Sage 50's history mode allows you to enter this missing information.

    Closing history cannot be undone, so be sure to make a backup beforehand.

    Enter Historical Amounts from…

  • Sage 50, Sage 50C (integrations) vs. Sage One and O365 Q&A

    The original Sage 50 desktop application with a perpetual license can still be acquired with the option of on adding on services and integrations.

    Sage 50C

    Our newest set of options comes in the package of Sage 50c (Sage 50C = Sage One + Sage Drive +…

  • Your feedback matters

    We regularly survey our customers asking for feedback. If you’ve ever responded to one of our surveys, I want to thank you and let you know how much we sincerely appreciate your reply and also assure you how seriously we take those responses. In fact…

  • Installing Sage 50 2016 on Server 2008 not working

    I have installed Multiple version of Sage on my Current Server 2008.. 

    But I tried to install the Latest update Sage 50 2016.. and each time i try to Run the Install.. its not working.. No error MSG.. nothing.. 

    I dont know why the Install does not want…