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  • Pop Up


    I have a problem...

    I download 2018 sage 50 in my laptop and when I load into a zip file, there is a pop up saying "A required data file is missing. Check your data directory to be sure the files are there".

    I still can't figure it out and…

  • Sage50 - "select an existing company" Setup Step

    I'm at the step in the installation process where is asks me to select and existing company, then follow the steps. I got to the final step where I had to click on START.SAI and then my computer got an error notification that said "Cannot open company…

  • How long should you be expected to hold for support?

    I've been on hold for support for over 4 hours this afternoon and am now holding for a third support person.  This is unacceptable!  If support is experiencing higher than normal call volumes everyday, then the volume is actually normal and they should…

  • Sage 50 2016 Download Needed

    I need to install Sage 50 2016 onto a new laptop that does not have a CD-ROM drive.  Can I get a download sent to me please. 

  • Installing Sage50 on a shared server.


    I've been unbale to locate an answer to this question. Is it possible to install Sage50 on a shared server. In this case I would like to install it on a virtual sever already running Active Directory.

    Thanks in advance.


  • installer file

    World Source would like the latest installer file for Business Vision. 

  • loading a data file

    get message "sorry the data on this student version has expired"

    my registration says student version is good for 14 months & just loaded it today?

  • Activation Key Code

    Hi there,

    I am having troubles with my registration info that was sent to me. The email that was sent to me from Sage regarding my registration info has errors and I cannot use the activation code. This is the info that was sent;

    Company name: Graham R…

  • Installation of Sage 50

    I installed the Sage 50 program but I am not able to see the file in the folder of my PC.

  • Can not installation SAGE50 2019

    I have download the Sage 50 2019 and get the email for Key code. After installation the sage it shows: 

    1.The Installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (X86) appears to have faild. Do you want to continue the installation.  I click…

  • key code

    Hii i just complete my saga student registration i want key code company name for my student version verification

  • Asking about activate key code

    Hi everyone!

    i have a question about getting activate key code. i did register to have activate key code so many times, but i haven't received any code yet. please tell how can i have activate key code to complete my installation. i using sage student…

  • No Key Code for activation after 5 days

    Hi I've been waiting for my key code to activate Version 2020 (Canada) for 5 days. I have requested a code multiple times and contacted support a few times as well. Thanks.

  • Student Access Code

    How long should I have to wait to receive my access code? I've not heard anything and I'm starting to second guess that my registration went through. My course starts today and I'm eager to get started. 

  • How to move datebase from server to local computer?

    Our database is stored on the server, and there is  "connction manager" on the server. However, we are changing new computer, and want to move data to a new computer(local) and not use server any more. Can I just copy the company's file from server to…

  • Installing Sage on my new computer

    I'm looking to confirm when installing Sage 50 on my new computer what I need. Do I need a Key?

    I currently have Sage 50 Cloud with support and premium care, unfortunately the support desk is now closed for the weekend. Help?:) 

  • Installation

    Hi.  I'm trying to add the program to a new laptop.  I keep receiving the following message:

    You have a valid ID but you are not authorized to use this feature.  Contact your sage ID admin. so you can use feature.  

    we are a small company, all 3 of us…

  • Sage asking for login

    I updated our Sage 50 Pro Accounting from 2020.1 to 2020.2 and now it is asking for a user name and password.  I dont know about this I have tried "sysadmin" and the sage ID login but it does not work.  I called but no response.  I chatted with…

  • Simply Accounting 2008- new computer install

    My business has used Simply Accounting 2008 Canadian for the last 12 years, desktop cd version.  I just got a new laptop that does not have a cd drive.  How can I install the software on my new computer?  Sage technical support did not have a link for any…

  • URGENT PLEASE HELP. 14 Month access expired in less than 30 days !!

    I registered sage 50 student version which is supposed to be accessible for 14 months but it get expired within 1 month.

    Need your help urgently.

    Thanks & Regards

  • logiciel SAGE 50 CA PRO 2015

    Est-ce encore possible de télécharger la version du logiciel SAGE 50 CA PRO 2015?  Merci :)

  • I have difficulties installing sage 50 Canada 2017?


    I have difficulties installing sage 50 Canada 2017? 

  • Software problem

    I have Sage 50 2020 CA Prem. The software stopped working properly in February 2020.

    I can’t adjust any journals. If I try the program closes or just do nothing.

    I have reinstall Sage to try and fix the problem

  • Download Software

    I just purchased Premium 2020 from Staples and received my product key (no serial #) and a link to download the software.  However, the download is simply the accompanying documentation and not the software.  I contacted Staples and they say it is a Sage…

  • Cannot Install Student Version of Sage 50 2018 in Canada

    Hi, I am desperately trying to figure out how to install the 2018 Canadian student version of Sage 50. I am able to download data files and then the instructions say to click on the icon to register and install, but there is no icon anywhere and I can…