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  • ValidationException when building CustomerCreditMemo - Sage 50 SDK .NET

    Greetings all,

    We use the .NET SDK for Sage 50 to integrate our software with Sage 50.

    I've got a situation where we're trying to make a Credit Memo in our software to push over in to sage 50. During a relatively routine step, we are getting a Sage ValidationException…

  • All lines have not been distributed - Invoice Import using Interop DLLs

    Hi All,

    I got the issue while trying to import the Invoice into Sage. I am using BOI Interface with the C# code. I am getting this "All lines have not been distributed." error while importing,

    Can anyone suggest me to solve this problem? 


  • Add payments to invoices added through the SalesJournal?

    I am using the .NET SDK (C#) to export invoices and payments of those invoices from my own database into Sage50.

    I managed to create invoices (payment type = pay later) in the Sage50 db using the SalesJournal class.

    I now need to add payments for those…

  • Receiving a Payment via SDK

    Does anyone have an example of how to receive a payment via the Sage SDK? It's looking to me like you have to go directly at the tables (which is a HUGE gap in the SDK in my opinion) but that sounds risky. Anyone know how to do this?

  • How to Get entered Invoice (Purchase/Sales)


    I have to export bill from My Application to Sage 50 Accounting. I am able to add bill but not able to get entered Invoice ID. I have to get inserted invoice Id.

    Sample Code:

    PurchasesJournal purJourn = SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenPurchasesJournal…

  • SDK Getting Started

    I am a senior developer who is VERY new to Sage. I haven't ever used it or even seen it. A client wants me to use the SDK to get some very basic invoice and payment information out of Sage 50, but even the "Getting Started" info around here seems a little…

  • setting the ReferenceNumber when creating (importing) a new SalesOrder into Sage50


    What is the recommended way to set the ReferenceNumber when creating a new SalesOrder. Currently I'm doing this:

    var invoiceList = sageCompany.Factories.SalesOrderFactory.List();
    var top1 = invoiceList.OrderByDescending(x =>…

  • SDK Quote Generation

    I have an application that creates new quotes via the SDK. These quotes appear to be correct, but when I go to the Sage application and convert one of those new quotes, the Invoice Due Date is not being set. I set what I believe are the appropriate properties…

  • nProcess question

    I have been able to use nProcess to open and display an existing Vendor record.  I am wondering what I need to do to achieve the same thing for a payable invoice.  I thought that it was batch number, division number, vendor number, and invoice number.  I…