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  • Sage 2017 - 64A can't login through C# App.

    Wrote simple app to simulate login into Sage 300 in C#

    i can query the company names... but when i try to actually use a password and login user it gives me Invalid Signon Information error message, anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

    session = new…

  • Appliquer une remise sur la ligne de document avec les objets métier


    J'aimerai appliquer une remise sur une ligne de document en objet métier.

    C'est une remise "à la volée" qui  n'est pas paramétrée, comme si je saisissait directement une valeur (ex: 5%) dans le champ "Remise…

  • "Unable to open company file" message returned

    Hi all,

    We're developing a  COM-aware .Net assembly that is used in a legacy VB6 app and keep getting the above message when opening a connection via SDKInstanceManager.Instance.OpenDatabase. When we call our method from inside another .Net assembly this…

  • Transfert de stock par les objets métiers V6


    Je travaille sur un projet de transfert d'article à Gamme vers des articles "simples". J'utilise les objets métiers V6 sur une application en C#

    J'ai suivi la formation début février et je suis encore en train…

  • Is the BOI going to stick around for awhile? Is there a better way to communicate with Sage 100

    I've been working with the Sage 100 BOI for some time now and have done a lot of C# applications that interact with the BOI for all sorts of Sage 100 integrations.  As we all know the "API" is pretty clunky.  I thought about creating a class…

  • Web service call issue

    Hi All,

    I am trying to call the web service using the SOUP UI Application but it is giving me error in the screenshot attached. Can anyone please help to resolve it?



  • Issue updating Inventory Transaction Receipt Multi-Bin Distribution using BOI

    When attempting to create line items for a Inventory Transaction Receipt batch I'm having issues when I attempt to update the distribution.  my code was working on Sage 2018 but they are upgrading to Sage 2021 and it now throws an


  • BOI Update Receipt of Goods Register Sage 100 Premium 2022 BOI

    Hi All,

    I am having an issue running PO_ReceiptRegister_upd. I am trying to run the Receipt of Goods Register from BOI.

    oSS.InvokeMethod("nSetDate", "P/O", date);
    oSS.InvokeMethod("nSetModule", "P/O");
    //DispatchObject security = new DispatchObject…

  • NetCore IIS scoped requests - Sage BOI - Cannot initiate multiple "SY_Session"

    HI All!

    We've put together a netcore API hosted on IIS for integrating with other tools we have.  All of our services on the API are scoped to give the requests their own instances and dependencies.  

    public static void AppServices(this IServiceCollection…

  • CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API

    Is that possible to add CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API, after browse the sql statement.

    mDBLinkCmpRW.OpenView("CS0120", out csQry);
    sSQL = "Select Name, Description from MYDB.dbo.Table";
    csQry.Browse(sSQL, true);

  • Inventory Unit Activity Report value not correctly

    I use SDK to insert Inventory Adjustment data , the data in Invnetory Adjustment Journal report is correct , but data in Inventory Unit Activity Report is not correct .

    if using Support Utinities-integrity check , the data in Inventory Unit Activity Report…

  • C# BOI example of creating an AR_Invoice with lines/details

    Is there anyone that can help with providing an example of creating an AR Invoice with lines/details in C# using either BOI or the nuget package

  • C# Create Sales Invoice From Sales Order; nSetKey() fails, sLastErrorMsg = "The [InvoiceNo] is invalid"

    I am on Sage 100c Standard 2016 (Version (yes, I know it is very old, and have plans to upgrade to a supported version).  I am attempting to create a program in C# that creates a sales invoice from a sales order.

    When my program executes the…

  • Cleanup() returns null

    I have a C# code that integrates with Sage 100 2021 Standard.

    After performing some action I want to clean and close the session I opened. for this I'm using:


    for some reason the nCleanup() returns null instead…

  • Looping a table while batches enabled


    I want to loop through all my not-registered invoices.

    What I do (in general) is:

    dynamic obj = pvx.NewObject("AP_ManualCheck_bus", oSession);
    obj.nMoveFirst();   //To get to the first record 
    //Rest of code

    The problem is that I have…

  • .NET 5, 6 Support

    Hello.  Do we know when it might be possible to interface a .NET 5+ project with Sage 50?  Any idea of ETA or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    It looks like .NET Framework 4.8 was release just over 3 years ago (April 2019).

    If you're reading this and…

  • Access PO_ReceiptReturnMatRqByPO

    How can I access the table object PO_ReceiptReturnMatRqByPO? I need to delete a record from this table which refers to a ghost receipt and locks my PO.

    There isn't a file with _bus or _svc, so using NewObject returns "NewObject Error 90".…

  • Sage 100 Contractor C# API/BOI?

    Can anyone point me to a starting point for using the API/BOI with c# for Sage 100 Contractor?

  • Setting shipping/mailing addresses in Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

    I feel like there's something I'm missing.

    I can successfully create a Sales Order and a Purchase Order with line items in Sage50 using the .NET API (not ODBC). The issue I'm having is that while the correct vendor/customer are set, the address…

  • AP_OpenInvoice with balance 0


    I'm trying to write a code that gets all the invoices which were fully paid. My idea was to take all the invoice and remove all the open invoices from "AP_OpenInvoice".

    But, I see invoices in that tables that have 0 balance. So probsbly…

  • creating a receipt of invoice with BOI

    Hi, I'm trying to write a code to create a new invoice from PO

    1. set the key ReceiptType$
    2. set the key ReceiptNo$
    3. call setKey()
    4. set PurchaseOrderNo$
    5. set InvoiceNo$

    Now i want to add the lines of the po to the receipt. In addition, i want it to be multiple…

  • Creating PO via BOI Write Issue

    Hello All! I have an issue with creating a PO via BOI that I was hoping someone can help me with. We're using  Sage 100cloud Premium 2019 Version Here's my code:

    using (DispatchObject poObject = new DispatchObject(pvx.InvokeMethod("NewObject…

  • Purchase Order Receipt not properly saving

    I'm working on an integration for a client and am trying to create PO Receipts using c# and Sage 100's BOI. The end result shows the vendor when I look at all PO Receipts, but the receipt is empty when I view the full receipt

    Here are the current…

  • Export data from Sage 50 CA using SDK

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone has an idea to export the data from Sage 50 CA? I was looking at the method w the class "CustomerLedger" but it has only the Save method it does not have the get method, Please let me know if you have any idea of hints to solve…

  • Missing record to calculate taxes, Sales Order Invoice.

    I'm getting this error if I leave off the sales order number. I want to be able to enter the sales order invoice without a preexisting sales order. All the code seems to work and the data is being input into Sage, however the tax fields never populate…