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  • Marking Jobs as inactive


    I have several (over 1000) jobs that I have to mark as inactive soon and can't seem to find a way to do this using the SDK. Unfortunately this is not a feature built into Sage 50 at the moment and marking jobs as inactive one by one takes a long…

  • Integrating Objets100cLib (Sage dll) to third party c# application

    Hi ,

    Greetings of the day !!!

    I need help integrating Objets100cLib (Sage dll) to third party c# application , can any one help with this ? i want to access data like suppliers/articles etc.

    Thanks in advance

  • How can we support multiple versions of Sage50

    We are a POS system using the COM component to integrate to Sage50.  We have some stores that use Sage50 2020 (which is the version of our COM component) and this works fine.  We have some that just installed the Sage50 2021 version, and our integration…

  • Import Unit Cost for Inventory Adjustments with the COM API

    I'm trying to import the Unit Cost field among others for Inventory adjustments via the COM Interface. For some reason this one field likes to remain at 0.00 even when making a positive adjustment with a value greater than 0.00.

    Here is an example of…

  • How do I create COM username and password?


    How do I create Sage 50 US COM Username and password?

    Can anyone help me on it?




    Hi ,

    I am getting RPC_E_SERVERFAULT error while I am trying to exporting the data using COM API C# code. I am able to login into Sage using APIs,I can delete the transaction but the Specifically I can not do the export and getting this error.


  • Enable COM SDK / API to run in headless mode

    Sage 50 SDK / API requires the Sage 50 desktop UI to remain open.

    Sage 50 .NET already has this ability implemented exactly how the Sage 50 COM SDK / API should be implemented.

  • Sending Emails in ASP COM API

    Sage CRM offers a very simple MessageBlock object that you can use for your own pages. This object can either be used automatically to send a message without an interface prompt or it can create a form allowing the details of the email message to…
  • Sage CRM 2021: Using additional parameters passed from a tab or button in a .NET application extension.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. Please see the article "Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons".

    This article will consider two different approaches that for using…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Passing an additional parameter to a .NET dll or ASP page from tab and buttons.

    It is possible to pass an additional parameter from a tab or a button. The allows a developer to use a single main entity point within the application extension which can then use the extra parameter as a flag to cause Sage CRM to process the page differently…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Controlling field and screen spacing in ASP pages and .NET code.

    Below is a screen shot of the Company Summary screen. Complex screens like this one, either for a system entity or a custom entity, can be built using the APIs.

    A partial rebuild of the Company Summary Screen using the .NET API is actually included in…

  • Embedding Sage CRM Screens (ASP & .NET extensions) in External Applications

    This article has been written for partners who need to be able to call Sage CRM screens in the context of external applications. This is not such a strange idea as there are several partners who have created add-ons to MS Office or to other desktop products…

  • Cleansing data submitted by users in the COM API

    Securing web applications can be tricky. One surefire way securing the system is to lock it in a box, where no-one can switch it on, much less enter data into it. Unfortunately, this is not the making of a useful CRM system. In Sage CRM there is a feature…

  • Integration with External Systems and the Synchronization of Application Data


    Sage CRM is integration-ready straight out of the box. It can integrate quickly with Sage BMS products, as well as other external applications through secure, standards-based web services and APIs.

    In this article I want to discuss the different…
  • An approach to recording completed marketing communications sent by an external system

    A customer uses an external system to generate marketing emails to contacts. These contacts exist as records in their accounting system that is integrated with Sage CRM. This means that the contact exists in both Sage CRM and the Sage BMS but because…

  • The relationship between the SOAP Web Services and the other APIs

    A customer asked me whether the SOAP Web Services were an extension of the .Net API or a separate API built on top of the COM API.

    Below is a diagram that is frequently used to explain the Sage CRM Architecture.

    This diagram represents the hybrid architecture…

  • Sage CRM's SOAP Web Services and Sage CRM's COM based Web Self Service API.

    The two APIs that I wish to consider in this article are mature, well developed and stable. They've been in the product for a very long time. Nevertheless, they are still used and still very much a useful pair of development options. In fact, they…

  • Basic Code Structure of a List Page

    The image below shows a new custom page that has been added into the context of the Company in Sage CRM.

    The list displays Quotes that have been sent to the Company.

    The basic structure of a list page script looks like this:

    var myBlock = CRM.GetBlock…

  • Resizing and controlling tables (lists) displayed using the Self Service COM API

    A customer had a question on how they could resize a table to fit correctly in their web page.

    Below is an image that shows a simple page created by the Self Service API.

    The code below shows how the display of List Pages can be controlled in Self Service…

  • Calling Workflow in an ASP Summary Page

    This is article is based on a customer need to display workflow buttons in a an ASP page that handles company records.

    Below you can see that I have created a partial rebuild of the company summary screen.

    Since this example is based on the Company Summary…

  • New Company and New Person buttons in a Custom Entity screen.

    A customer had a requirement for a summary screen for a custom entity to provide a new company and new person button similar to the core system entities within Sage CRM.

    I have assumed that the custom entity pages have been built using the classic ASP…

  • Exporting Records to a CSV file using the classic COM ASP API.

    A customer had the requirement to allow users to export opportunity information to a file that could be opened in Excel.

    I have provided below some example code that is designed to be called from a Button Group associated with the System Action OpportunityList…

  • A round up of articles about creating ASP pages: The essential guide to extending the interface using the COM ASP API.

    Sage CRM can be extended using ASP pages that are able to use the properties and methods of the CRM object. These objects methods and properties allow the custom pages to connect to the system database and produce formatted output to the web browser.…

  • Creating Custom ASP Reports in Sage CRM.

    The image below shows that I have just run a custom ASP report called 'TestReport' from within the general category. The report has popped up and has displayed the graph and the panel I wanted.

    There are 2 main things to be aware of when creating…

  • A round up of articles about coding for the library and documents

    The document upload into Sage CRM is designed to allow the easy upload of files on an Ad Hoc basis. The document upload feature (at the time of writing this article) differs slightly depending on which browser you use. But it can be time consuming to…