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  • Free Webinar - Bank Reconciliation - recording available

    In this session you will learn how to use the manual Bank reconciliation feature.

    This session has now taken place, but you can catch up with a recording >

  • Bank Reconciliation Payment Selection


    When using the advanced bank reconciliation (BSIIMP), after matching the statement (GESBSIMTC, Process Bank Transactions), we have an option to select / filter the payments, on the right, in order to reduce the number of items that appear on the payment…

  • Duplicated Bank Reconciliation

    A recent File maintenance error check has flagged up that there is an issue with a bank reconciliation from last year. Looking into it there are 2 bank reconciliations for May 2022, both containing the exact same information & both dated & time stamped…

  • Ability to match bank feeds individual checks to the direct deposit lump sum.

    Direct deposit from iSolved is in sage for $2100.  Bank feeds/bank statement shows 2 check ($1200 and $900).  Why is there no current way to make this reconcilable?

  • Changing Comment Names in Expense Tab of Bank Reconciliation

    Am I able to change these wordings on the expense tab? I tried changing it on the General Ledger 'Reconciliation & Deposits" tab where it says 'Set Up'. The only problem is that when I went back to do another bank rec the wordings reverted back to below…

  • Sage 300 Posting Bank Reconciliation without asking all users to logout

    Multiple bank accounts that need to be reconciled and posted are being used by our Sage300 company.

    The problem is that, even when a certain bank isn't being used, it's always necessary to request that users log out.

    Is there another way…

  • Error in Account Reconciliation with Outstanding Transaction Detail Report

    When I used the Match Bank Transactions function in the Banking module to help with making my lengthy bank statement reconcilable, I matched all the transactions, then look at my reconciliation on the reconcile accounts functions; it says I have no unresolved…

  • Paying invoice that has inventory

    Newbie here. When I go to make an invoice paid that has associated inventory items on the purchase it won't let me change payment to cash so my Bank reconciliation is off by these invoices. So the invoice stays as Pay Later. 

    How do I make these payments…

  • Better User Security

    I have an employee who is not allowed to see Payroll, however she balances the banking accounts except those with Payroll.  Currently payroll posts individually and I realized she was able to see the total for each individual's paychecks.

    I would like…

  • Outstanding Credit on BR, Financials reflect Debit - SAGE 100


    Looking for any help/guidance I can get. I had some issues when printing a check for an invoice, so I made adjustments and reversals, and then the second check was double the invoice, I realized I incorrectly adjusted the invoice, corrected that…

  • In Bank Rules Vendor Not Found

    Trying to create a bank rule in Sage Cloud (Sage Business Cloud Accounting Plus - Canadian Edition). The Vendor cannot be found in the "Vendor" dropdown, despite the fact that they are listed as a vendor under Contacts in this account. How can I connect…

  • "Adjustment Required" in Bank Reconciliation

    There was an issue with a company with the reconciliation, and there was an "adjustment required"  The adjustment was made and a new reconciliation has been done and posted.  However the Reconciliation Report is still saying there is an adjustment…

  • Bank Reconciliation Status report as of a specific date

    I need to find the details of what withdraws and deposits were outstanding at 10/31/22. The reconciliation status report seems to give me what is outstanding at this moment in time for anything processed through 10/31/22, not exactly what I need. I have…

  • Bank Recon problem.

    On the right side of the Reconciliation Summary my adjusted Bank Balance is 8 cents more than my GL balance. On the left side the Cleared Balance equals the Bank Balance. 8 cents is immaterial but how do I get this to equal?

  • ACH payments

    We print and sign a lot of checks.  Please develop the capability to make ACH payments to my vendors, using existing payment processes to maintain the business flow.

  • Working with previous year bank reconciliations

    Working on previous year bank reconciliations can be tricky. But do you know you can change a setting to allow transactions in the current and previous fiscal years?

    Get the details here.

  • Bank reconciliation after new fiscal year

    I am waiting for YE adjustments from our accountant, so I didn't post my last reconciliation (October) - I was told not to post last reconciliation until I have all YE (I don't know why).  

    I already started new fiscal year. If I post it now, and…

  • Bank Rec - "Bank Rules" is greyed out....why?

    Uploaded Bank Statements to a client file....wanted to set up matching but no joy: the Bank Rules feature is greyed-out. I can add/post transactions manually, but am unable to set up rules to process automatically. Any reason for this?

  • "Money in...."money out"....

    What are we....stupid?

    This is dumbing down of the worst type. As accountants and professionals I suspect we know what a bank debits and credits are; clearly it is time for Sage to insert and honour the selection for "use accounting terms".

  • Bank Reconciliation

    On 9/15 I had an issue with payroll posting twice. It did this on its own. Our apps run through a cloud network service company.  Because of some other issues we were having I ask them about what happen on 9/15.  They did say that if for some reason I had…

  • Auto-created Bank entries from "Auto bank reconciliation" showing as Unreconciled

    In Auto Bank Reconciliation(A/P-A/R Accounting-->Bank transactions-->Advance Bank Statement-->Bank Transaction management), I have created manual payment/receipt entry while validating the statement, these entries are not auto matching and showing in…

  • G/L Journal Entry Error - Please Help

    Has anyone experienced this error before when processing G/L Journal Entry? 

    Not sure where to even begin but processing a few transactions / posting banking transactions and then doing G/L Journal Entry and we get this error. We are running Sage 300 2022…

  • Vendor Number Change causing a Payment error in bank services and corrupting data

    We have a client running Sage 2022 PU 1.  They consistently use the Vendor number change program to combine or change Vendors.  When this is done before bank reconciliation, they get a payment not found message when they try to post their Bank Reconciliation…

  • Troubleshooting Bank Reconciliation

    When checking your bank reconciliation in Sage 200, the best place to start is to make sure the opening balance hasn't changed. This handy Knowledgebase article will help you with those steps.

    Read more >

  • Bank Reconciliation posting error: Requested payment was cleared previously

    We have been working with a customer who has had some issues with their bank rec.  We have worked through their issues and are at the point where we are ready to post the reconciliation and we have received this error:

    Requested payment was cleared pr…