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  • Activating Payroll Modules - Historical Data for 3 companies in Sage 300 going back 12 years to current

    As a system administrator, but not familiar with the app Sage 300 app.

    I wish to activate the Payroll Module for three “Historical Data” companies in Sage 300. Need this in order to access payroll information from 2009-Current

    Just wish to…

  • Sage 50 vs Sage 50 with payroll

    HI I just started a home based business for bookkeeping my first client has the newest version of Sage 2017 with payroll - I have a student version Sage 2015 and I cannot open a back up of her files because it says the files are a newer version - If I…

  • Accidentally deleting an employee

    It appears my coworker accidentally deleted an employee and now I have lost all of their data and vacation accrued etc. Is there any way to recover?