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  • Back Error - Unable to open a file to be backed up

    Hello Fellow Sagers & Sagettes!

    I'm brand new to using Sage. I created a new 2021-2022 file and it has no data (File size 1KB). When I normally close Sage it back it up my 2020 - 2021 with no issues. 

    When I close sage under this new file I receive…

  • Automatic daily backups- multi user

    My automatic daily backup has never backed up for me, we use Sage 50 multi users, and the backup location ONLY is pointing to dropbox. I chose daily backup and found out i haven't backed up in months!! Any tips?

  • UNABLE TO BACK UP & and the system will shows system has been stopped working when i click into the payment journal (Simply Accounting Pro)

    not able to back up

    I am not able to back up my entries.

    Been forced to close program when i click into the payment journal

    and when i click into the payment journal, it states that the software has been stopped working and forced to close program. 

  • SAGE 2018, unable to download a data from company from sage-drive

    Hi Friends.

    My accountant was using sage 50 -2018 without issues, and suddenly he could not open the company. While trying to download from sage drive, message comes that data file is missing , while he already has old backups. 

    Someone please…

  • Help with accountant's copy!

    I don't know how to open my accountant's copy of my file. The icon is a filing cabinet, I click on it and just a bunch of files pop up which I can't open. What do I do to open it?

    Also all my backups are the same icon and does the same thing…