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  • Opening a company saved as a zip file and import journal entries

    My version: Sage-50 Pro 2018. The fiscal year of my Company A is Dec 31. In 2020 I made journal entries up to J414. The next day I continued entries up to J452, which was the final entry for 2020, and I saved it as a zip file. When I started a new year…

  • Sage 50 2022 backups smaller?

    I recently upgraded from Sage 50 2020 to 2022.  Automatic backup PTB file went from ~135MB to less than 20MB.  That's got me worried that the new backups are missing something. Or is it a matter of the backups starting to do file compression?  Or have…

  • Need to recover my files

    The hard drive crashed that has my 2013 Sage 50 software on it. I was able to recover the Company files from that drive but now when I open them on the new computer with the newly installed local copy of Sage 50 2013 it ask for a username and password…

  • W7 workstation does not run Sage 50 after Server update to sage 50 Premium accounting 2022

    Hi team,

    At beginning of Novembrer 2021 I get a message from my server that there is a new update available, and after looking for every where I decide to run this update in my server, but after the update all my W7 workstation start to dont run Sage50…

  • SAI Backups

    Last bookkeeper sent a backup file with SAI extension on the end.  Restore doesn't recognize or see the file.  Can I somehow get the data from this file?

  • Missing data

    Hello, I never backed up my data after each daily session as I assumed it was stored in the cloud. All entries were stored each time I opened the program. My desktop died and I am told that there is no way to recover the data, so I may have lost years…

  • Really messed up some Journal Entries -

    I create a Saved file at the end of each month.      I really messed up some journal entries this month September and I would like to just go back to my previous month's Saved file and start again.   Is this possible?     If I click on the previous month…

  • 2013 Sage 50 Pro Accounting error "files missing"

    I have Sage 2013 Pro accounting and am trying to put it on my home computer to work from home. However, I keep getting a message "Cannot open company file. A required data file is missing. I get this error when trying to open a data file or restoring…

  • Timeslops 2018 Backup issue

    Client is running Timeslips 2018. They can not do a backup from within Timeslips. They get an error. It doesn't matter where we try to do the backup to. They have full permissions and there is adequate space. For name, I just used Test. There's no security…

  • Need for past data

    I am a former Sage client who needs access to past year end reports in either access to our data archived in your system or guidance on how to access the cd we received at year end. I have forgotten the pass word to access it. The numbers on the cd case…

  • recover a file

     My computer lost all my files but I managed to recover my DSB folder but not the CAB and when I try to open my folder, I can't because it asks me for the backup folder that I no longer have,

    How to do!?

  • Timeslips cannot back up.

    I have Timeslips 2018. 

    I cannot back up and get the message Timeslips . . . "cannot create backup" "possible reasons may be"
    - path to server backups may no exist
    - Database security restrictions
    - Not enough Disk space
    - Network…

  • Sage 100c Premium (SQL) Disaster Reocvery

    I'm confused about the relationship between Sage data files and the SQL database. If a server dies, or gets ransomed, my first step will obviously be to reload the application server from backup, then the SQL backups. There is potential for different…

  • Restore the Sage 300 System Manager

    Hello Everyone!

    I am currently learning Sage 300 2019. While using it, I accidentally deleted the Sage 300 System Manager, which contains : Common Services and Administrative Services. Can anyone please show me how to restore it?

    Thank you in advance…

  • Restore

    I replaced computer, reinstalled Sage Pro Accounting 2011, when I tried to restore payroll files I recieve error message " the file you selected is not a valid Peachtree backup file. Please select another file." backup file has .ptb extension any suggestions…

  • Impossible de faire la sauvegarde

    Depuis quelques jours, je reçois toujours le message que mon fichier est de plus de 2ko donc la sauvegarde ne peut se faire. J'ai aussi constaté que j'ai énormément de fichiers qui se dédoublent dans podosense.saj…

  • Open Closed Contracts Module

    I accidentally closed our contracts module twice, rolling it forward two months rather than one.  How can I reopen the contracts module?


    I was trying to restore our back up data from old version (2018) to new version (2021).  But we encountered an error.

    It states that "Sage 50 has found a problem in your company profile and cannot upgrade it. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-522…

  • .ptb backup file restore

    I am having the Sage backup file with .ptb extension. The backup has been created with Sage Peachtree version 2018. Kindly guide how can I get the Sage Peachtree version software and restore the backup. Also is it possible to restore it in Sage 50 Accounts…

  • Problème avec les versions

    J'ai la version experts (Lancement 2021.2) et mon client a acheté la version supérieur. Quand je transfère un backup, il ne peux l'installer car il y a le message que le backup provient de la version Quantum, ce que je n'ai pas. Mon client a appelé au…

  • Saved wrong Excel template


    The wrong Excel template was saved for one of our financial statements. How can we recover the previous version?


  • Unable to get Connection Manager to run so that I can access my data.

    I sign on to my computer as an administrator, according to Settings, Your info.

    No one else uses my computer.  There are no other computers connected to this computer.

    I have Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2021.1.1 installed on this computer and the data files…

  • Restoring Original File

    I started going through the Chapter 3 steps in Bihn's Bins to get used to the software. I did backups in the places the book told me to.

    Now I need to go back to the original file for a project for the course I am taking.

    The original file has all…

  • Can I restore a Sage 50 2016 backup file (.ptb) to a newer version of Sage 50?

    Can I restore a Sage 50 2016 backup file (.ptb) to a newer version of Sage 50?

  • Backup Sage 100 Contractor 2014?

    Hey Everyone,

    First time post here any help would be appreciated.  I am running an old version of sage 100 contractor.  I want to upgrade to the latest version but I don't think the version I am running is on SQL.  Could anyone provide some sort of…