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  • Accounts Receivable Posted Twice to Revenue Account

    Back in May I created an Accounts Receivable entry and posted the amount of the A/R to a Revenue account. When the customer paid the bill in July and the bookkeeper made the bank deposit he forgot about the A/R and posted the amount to the same Revenue…

  • Year End ADJ Entries to Accounts Receivable / Meals ???


    I am entering the Year End Adjusting Entries from the Accountant.  I am almost done.  

    I have one problem left though.  My A/R is out by $0.09  interestingly, so is my Meals Expense account.

    If I could Dr. the A/R and Cr. the Meals everything should be…

  • A/R clean up

    I was wondering if there was a way to move money from a journal entry that created a deposit months ago to a bank account and apply it to an outstanding invoice?

    The bookkeeper that I have taken over for never really paid any invoices and just created…

  • HELP!! Posted Deposit Slip in "Cheque to be Deposited" instead of "Bank Account"

    I know I cannot reverse a Deposit Slip which is really not making sense as we are all humans and we make MISTAKES like I JUST did!!!!!

    I need help to fix this if anyone is capable to explain in a clear way as I feel really dumb right now.

    Please hel…

  • Posting to A/R in a foreign Currency as an adjusting Y/E Entry

    Hi I need assistance please:

    In the previous fiscal year we generated an invoice for USD (in a foreign currency) $1080.04.  The client paid the amount via a wire transfer and the invoice in Accounts Receivable has the PAID on it.  However, the Accountant…

  • Year End Adjustments - Corrections to A/P or A/R

    My accountant has requested a series of Adjusting Journal Entries, including adjustments to Payable and Receivable Accounts:

    Here is a sample:

    31/12/14 Accounts Receivable XYZ Inc - Account No. 1205  - Debit - 7592.20

    31/12/14 Accounts Payable                    - Account…

  • Clients deposits not applied

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to fix this problem but I can't find anything...

    The first thing, when I look at Clients & Revenues module, there's nobody who still have an unpaid balance (and I know all my clients paid).

    So everything…