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  • User Security Setup

    Is it possible to setup a A/R & A/P clerk position to have access to Job Profitability Reports WITHOUT having access to payroll fields/access?

  • Sending Customer statements takes about 3 days. Is there a way to make it faster/easier to send out?

    Good Day,

    One of my clients is sending their statements via email to their customers, using multiple groups/sales reps if not all of them at once.

    However, the process runs over 3 days to complete, so much so that the user is logging in via RDP to different…

  • received payment for same customer invoice twice

    Hi there, I have received a second payment for a customer invoice that was already paid a couple months back.  We receive the payments via EFT into the bank account not by cheque. I applied the second payment to another invoice the other day but the customer…

  • Payables

    Being in the Accounts Payables business for over 20 years, having used at least 4 different types of software, there are so many things I notice are either not doable or take a zillion steps to get to the end result. A/P is universal in application or how…

  • Switching Billing/Cash Receipts to the AR Module from Job Cost

    We currently bill and enter cash receipts in Job Cost, but I want to transition it over to the AR Module. How would I go about setting this up?  

  • Customer deposit before earliest transaction in Sage 50

    I have started a new Sage 50 company file, taking over bookkeeping for an existing corporation.  The fiscal year ended June 30, 2021, so I set up Sage 50 with a fiscal year of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 (this means the earliest transaction date had…

  • Can an Inventory Depletion be Linked to the Receipt???

    First off, our ultimate goal is to look at an Invoice in AR_InvoiceHistoryHeader and Detail and know what the Landed Cost is.  The Purchase Order Module's History Files does a pretty good job of tracking Landed Cost History by Receipt Number.  However…

  • Net Amount Owing on Invoices

    How do I get the final amount owing on the invoice to automatically deduct previous amounts deposited?  I need the amount owing to be deducted from the Invoices Total Amount

    which would then show the real amount owing.

  • Accounts Receivable showing "Not Used" on Aging Report

    My Accounts Receivable person did some adjustments to clean up our aging report.  Not exactly sure what was done, or how done, whether it was by AR Credit/Debit, Billing Credit/Debit, etc.but now I have "Not Used" on the aging report listed under the clients…

  • Statement Fees

    Does anyone know of a way to bill Customers for printed statements?  With the rising costs of postage and delays of mail transit, we are encouraging our Customers to switch to paperless statements. Is there any way to do this automatically through Sage…

  • Looking to Customize Customer Statements Sage 100 2019

    I am looking to customize customer statements in the A/R Period End section. I can set up basic customizing by setting up a new form and going into design and making my changes, but I want to limit which customers are generated without having to enter…

  • AR Adjust Receivables Summary entries in Revenue accounts

    My company has many entries hitting our Revenue accounts with the description "AR Adjust Receivables Summary".  These entries are reducing our Revenue account balances.  I do not see any offsetting entries in AR.  Any ideas on what these entries…

  • invoice terms different from customer screen

    I just set up a customer with COD terms, and one with N45 terms. When invoices print for them they all say Net 30. I go into the customer screen and it says COD (or net 45) under terms, but even printing from that, the invoice still says N30, I'm not…

  • Analysing Accounts Receivables on customer and service level


    Our client would like to analyse their accounts receivables on a customer and on a goods/service level. For the instance, the customer is a cleaning company; the customer wants to analyse its outstanding receivables in this manner:

    August 2021

  • Analysing Accounts Receivables on service level


    Our client would like to analyse their accounts receivables on a customer and on a goods/service level. For the instance, the customer is a cleaning company; the customer wants to analyse its outstanding receivables in this manner:

    August 2021

  • Name of table with payments from customers.

    Hi everyone  

    Can anyone tell me the name of the table containing payments from clients in Sage 50 Canadian Edition? We are doing an integration with our CRM and are missing this information  

    Thank you  

  • Importing Receipt Batches

    I am able to import misc receipts into Sage 300 AR successfully.  I create a batch, set my bank and batch date which equals my deposit date, then import a single file of multiple misc receipts to reflect that day of deposits.  My question is that I have…

  • Can't find optional field in ARPostedDocuments endpoint

    Sage 300 2019 PU7

    We can't find Header Optional fields for posted documents in ARPostedDocuments endpoint

    Which endpoint can provide posted documents header optional fields in AR?

  • Applying a credit to a sales order for credit card customer

    Hi there!

    We have a credit card customer who had a credit on their account.  The next time they placed an order, we wanted to apply the open credit before we ran their card through Sales Order Entry.  We couldn't figure out how to do it, so we did a work…

  • A/R Prepayments Payment Plan

    Customer Receipts are posted in the A/R as Prepayments because there is no Invoice.

    There is a plan on when and how much the Customer should pay.

    How can this Plan be managed in Sage 300 without raising an Invoice?

    An invoice is raised at the end when…

  • Solde d’ouverture clients & Fournisseurs


    je suis en train d’intégrer SAGE 50 comptabilité supérieur pour une entreprise qui faisait sa comptabilité sur Excel. 

    Je suis rendu à entrer dans le module client et fournisseur l’ensemble des factures en souffrance…

  • Running Quote Reports

    Is there a way to run a report in sage that lists all the pending quotes not yet awarded? The only report I can find is the Pending Delivery Orders by customer. 

  • Invoice Report That Includes Main Invoice Customer PO and Comment

    Hello All,

    One of my Go-To sage reports is the Accounts Receivable Invoice Hist Report. My dilemma today is that I'm looking for info that is on the Main invoice and not line level detail. Here are two screen shots from the Invoice History Inquiry, with…

  • Payments collected During time of Sales order not hitting GL Account

    I have noticed that for the month of March, no credit card payment that was ran at the time of the sales order has hit the GL code. This is odd because it only happened for the month of March. 

    Any ideas on what could have happened and how to fix it? 

  • AR Customer Statements Issue

    AR Customer Statements are printing / pdf / paperless delivering blank pages.  

    There is a documented "work around" for printing to do a crystal suppression formula... but that does not stop the "pdf all" or other paperless output options from doing blank…