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  • ACH payments

    We are trying to pay more vendors with ACH instead of check in today's high fraud environment.  In the select for payment window there is nothing that shows the payment setting for vendors and nothing that allows you to select who is electronic and…

  • Anyone needing to set up Penny Test processes in Sage 100?

    We need to have the ability to use Penny Test to verify bank accounts for a vendor instead of Pre-Notes. There are too many ways that fraud can occur by just using Pre-Notes. 

    I created the following idea. If you agree, please vote for this.


  • Ability for Sage products to produce a NACHA formatted file for direct deposit

    I would love to be able to process payroll, email stubs and then produce a NACHA file that can be uploaded to my bank for processing.

  • Email Paystubs

    Can we get an option to have paystubs email to the employees email address on file when printing the stubs for accounting records. We process payroll through our bank via direct deposit, but having to email the stubs after is rather tedious. 

  • Employee setup as a Vendor

    Does anyone know of a method or way to quickly identify vendors who are employees? When we have expense reimbursements we process the expense as an invoice and it is usually charged to a job. So therefore we setup a new vendor for the employee (if not…

  • AP Electronic Payment (ACH) Remittance

    I am curous to know what people are using as remittance for their Electronic Payments (ACH) in Accounts Payable?   The "notifications" report that is generated from the payment process seems pretty bare (no headings, titles etc) -- just has floating…

  • Accounts Payable Generate ACH Payment

    We want to run a check for a single vendor that has 100s of invoices monthly that our bank automatically deducts the payment for. We do not want to use manual check option because you have to select each invoice individually thorugh the F4 function.  We want…

  • Payment Ticket ID

    It would be great if Sage could create a Payment ticket ID system similar to that of the Deposit ticket ID found in the Receive Money window.  When sending ACH payments to vendors, most banks allow you to create ACH templates with multiple payees in one…

  • Email Payment Remittance

    Sage needs an email button for Payments the same way it has the email button for Sales/Invoicing and Receive Money.  Sage allows you to email copies of invoices and receipts to customers, but it doesn't have the ability to email payment remittances to vendors…

  • Is it possible to set up 2 different file formats for ACH payments in A/P?

    We have set up the system to generate ACH Electronic Payments. I set it up with the CCD format. I have started receiving the vendors information and there are a couple of vendors who would like the file in a CTX format. Can I use 2 different file formats…

  • Enable Paya Virtual Check cash receipts in X3 interface

    Paya has the capability to accept "Virtual Check" payments (ACH) but there is currently no capability to do this in X3 interface.  Please enable X3 users to accept virtual checks from customers without having to log into Paya Virtual Terminal to…

  • Sage 100 POSPAY program is pulling ACH payments

    We are using Sage 100 v2018 and the standard Sage POSPAY and ACH programs.  I'm not sure how to keep them separate unless I create a second bank code pointing to the same g/l account.

    I appreciate any input.

    Best, Kelly

  • Does Sage 100 integrate with Bank of America's CashPro?


    I have a client who currently generates ACH files from Sage to upload into Bank of America. Bank of America mentioned being able to integrate with Sage, however, after searching online on how this would would or if anyone has done this before-…

  • Some Beach, Somewhere

    I believe that is the name of a country music song by Blake Shelton. Regardless of whether you are a country music fan or not, I’m sure just about all of you would love to have more time to be on some beach somewhere. Or maybe on a mountaintop. Your choice…

  • Export data formats for importing into bank software?

    For Sage 300 Prem ERP v 2014, are there report formats, or modules, that convert the Batch Payment Report (or a Generated Payment Batch) into a data file importable into banks' web portals?

    The banking portal is HSBCnet.  We've deployed HSBCnet in US…

  • VI Job to export email addresses from Paperless office?


    we often have 2 email addresses stored in paperless office for each ACH vendor. I'm wondering if there is a way to export these addresses? They are not always in the main Vendor Maintenance panel.

    thank you!

  • Sage 100 doesn't support paying vendors with CCD?

    We've been told Sage 100 only creates PPD payments, how can this be operating in compliance with NACHA rules if vendors are businesses? PPD is for direct deposit, CCD and CTX are for business payments.

  • Direct Deposit from multiple accounts? Work around ideas, or can I still do these if I manually send the ACH file?

    I have a client that wants to use direct deposit to pay hourly employees using one checking account and salary employees from another. It seems like a simple thing to do, but apparently Sage 100 Direct Deposit only lets you enable 1 source account at a…

  • How to set up ACH payments in A/P

    I am new to Sage 300, but our A/P processing has been by check only.  I've been looking for information on how to set up and process an ACH payment. Where can I find training on how to do this?

  • Want to use EFT in lieu of Direct Deposit

    Using Sage 100 2015 PU4 and legacy P/R module.

    I want to send funds to my employees using online EFT. With only 7 employees, traditional Payroll Direct Deposit service fees (Sage PR Service) and my bank's traditional Direct Deposit service charges) are…

  • ach approval

    I was wondering if there is a way to shorten the amount of time it takes for ACH approval.  My bank has told me that it does not take 10 days.

  • Accounting cannot create ACH file

    She gets the following error message: "Unable to create Direct Deposit Interface file"

    Any fixes or troubleshooting?


  • Bank account numbers encryption and Security

    Sage 2014

    I have a client that would like to use ACH for vendor payments, but is concerned about the security of Bank Account numbers for their vendors within the Sage Account software.

    Does anyone have an ideas for security or information on the safety…

  • A/P - Vendor ACH - Import Banking Info?

    I can't seem to find this information anywhere. Sorry if this has been asked before. Is it possible to upload vendor's banking information into Sage 100 so that I don't have to enter them all manually for ACH setup?



  • AR EFT Payments

    Sage 500 ERP 2014 now includes the ability to process ACH transactions through Sage Payment Solutions (Virtual Check, ACH and EFT terminology is used interchangeably). This gives you the ability to accept payments from a checking or savings account using…