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  • Sage 300 version upgrade to 18.2.2

    We are currently on Sage 300 version 16.1.8 and want to upgrade to version 18.2.2. Do I have to upgrade first to 17.1.8 before upgrading to 18.2.2? Can anyone also tell me where can I find any documentation on version upgrade installation.

    Thank you

  • Sage 18.2 Performance

    We recently upgraded to Sage 18.2 and have noticed a significant delay using Sage Desktop. Clicking on an application can take 5-10 seconds to respond and open the menu. Additionally, particularly in AP, clicking on Tasks takes an additional 5-10 seconds…

  • Labor rate table - create or update - standard practice?

    What is the standard practice for creating/updating labor rate tables?  Do you create a new rate table every time rates change (we do annually) - or do you just update the current table with the new rates?  I'm new to Sage so looking for advice on how to…

  • Close period end date is wrong in Property Management

    I am trying to close the period for November but it is attempting to close the year. It appears that the close period end dates are a month forward, so it thinks the period end date is 12/31/18 instead of 11/30/18. How can I correct this? I am using Property…

  • Distorted font question

    I just received a new computer from our IT department and when I go to run Recalculate Custom Totals in Job Cost, the window appears stretched and distorted. I've tried changing my computer's scaling, reinstalling fonts, etc. Is there anything else I…

  • Anyone running Sage CRE 300 2017 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1?

    We need to upgrade to Sage 2017 for end of year updates and are not prepared to upgrade our server at this time.

    Has anyone been able to upgrade from 16 to 17 on Server 2008 R2 w/SP1?

    We are looking to do this temporarily until we can upgrade our server…

  • Sample Data


    I am trying to add the sample accounting data to my company list but I keep getting an error that says a company with that name already exists even though I can't see it.  Can someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?