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  • Getting the below error in BW Sage 2015

     I did some searching on your site and see that KB 39468 may assist in resolving this issue but cannot locate where your KB's are stored. 
    And, if someone has insight into this error, please advise. 

    Is this a firewall error or possible port issue? 

  • Accessing Sage 300 ODBC via powershell [Sage][SQLEngine] (31830) Username and password is required.

    I am trying to establish a ODBC connection to Sage 300 using Powershell ODBC. 

    I am getting below error. I have tried using the same username and password for importing via ODBC in MS Access and it works. 

    What am I missing?

    Exception calling "Open" with…
  • I can't establish a connection via ODBC

    Hello Colleagues,

    I have a problem connecting to Sage 50 from ODBC, when I try to connect to the database from excel or another program it does not validate my credentials.

    I have done all the processes in the documentation, I enabled the permissions…

  • Sage 300 CRE JDBC connection via Pervasive

    I am trying to connect to Sage 300 CRE via JDBC.

    I understand that Sage is built on pervasive and I am able to connect to the default pervasive database called demodata and read tables.

    i am looking for guide to read Sage specific tables using this pervasive…

  • Intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error"

    I am encountering an intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error" within an Excel workbook containing several worksheets, each of which contains a Microsoft Query (MSQuery) to various Sage 100 Advanced v. 2019 PU 2 files/tables. The query results…

  • PHP ODBC Connection not pulling results

    I'm new to Sage and ODBC connections in general, so I'm looking for a bit of help here.  I have set up a System DSN on the server, and am able to get a successful connection using PHP.  However, whenever I try to run any sort of query, it doesn…

  • Connection String to Silent ODBC DSN using ProvideX ODBC Driver is forcing connection to default to SOTAMAS90 DSN

    We are querying invoice data to read from MAS using the ProvideX ODBC driver from within a custom application.  Within the custom application, we have tried specifying credentials explicitly within the connection string used to open the ODBC connection…

  • Sage ODBC with Sage 100 V2020

    I am upgrading a client to Sage 100 V2020 and am running into issues with some Excel spreadsheets that have been working for years in prior versions of Sage 100.  In V2020 the client upgraded their Excel version from 2013 to Excel 365 Enterprise 64 bit…

  • Where to download Pervasive 10 SP3 Linux ODBC drivers?

    Does anyone have or know where to find Linux ODBC drivers for the Pervasive 10 SP3 database used by BusinessWorks?

  • SOTAMAS 90 & Power Pivot Error

    Probably a long shot here but whilst trying to import Sage data tables into the Power Pivot table wizard i get the following error:

    'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'

    Any thoughts?

  • Are there any plans whatsoever for 64-bit ODBC drivers?

    Many of us are not using SQL replicator as the hardware requirements are up there, server and client, and we have enough data that I believe we would need full SQL vs express.  Especially if your accounting dept wants the data to be live.(which ours does…

  • How do I get information from imported HH2 hours?

    We set up SQL replication last week and it is working well. However I am having trouble finding where our HH2 imports actually end up in the SQL database.

    We import a HH2 payroll each week via the import tool in Payroll > Tools > Import Time...

  • Can we get the ODBC Connection info for Firebird for 2019?


      We're trying to re-write a series of reports that we had in the Paradox version, that delivers info via Excel. We were planning on using a ODBC connection (unless someone can suggest something better).

      We're looking for the database account…

  • ODBC issue (works from Excel when sysadmin has no password but not when sysadmin has a password

    Trying to connect to the Sage 50 Canadian (non cloud) database using excel through ODBC

    MySql connector allow me to select the Sage50:COMPANYNAME.SAI file and the population of the correct path to the server and port 

    Initial attempts with the sysadmin…

  • Excel File using ODBC created by one user. 2nd user gets error when trying to update

    User 1 created an excel file that pulls in data from Sage 100 Standard via ODBC.

    Created same dsn connection (same dsn name) on User 2's computer.  "Test Connection" successful with saved username/pw.

    User 2 opens the same excel file and…

  • ODBC - Is ODBC security within Role Mainnance REQUIRED?

    If we currently do NOT have ODBC Security within Role Maintenance enabled, what are the abilities/restrictions of users to create an ODBC data source connection?

  • ODBC Connection for Power BI

    I have a client that wants to create a dashboard using Power BI, but not with Sage Intelligence. Has anyone created an ODBC connection for use with Power BI? If so, can you outline what you did?


  • Table and Field Naming mode - JDBC2Pervasive query

    I am using Dell Boomi software to retrieve data from our customers Sage Pervasive DB.

    In order to do that, Boomi needs class name and connection url. It uses java and jdbc to connect to db.

    Class name is: com.pervasive.jdbc.v2.Driver.

    URL is in format…

  • Access 2016 ODBC / Sage Issue

    Hello.  We are having a bizarre issue with Microsoft Office 2016 and an ODBC connection to Sage 100 Advanced 2018 ERP.  We use a system DSN to connect to Sage from Access to run queries and reports not available in Sage and have been doing this for years…

  • SAGE 100 ERP ODBC Drivers

    Hello.  My client uses SAGE 100 ERP.  I've been tasked with building a new ETL using VS2017 and SQL 2017 Azure.   I need the ODBC drivers for the SAGE DB.  How can obtain them?  Thanks.

  • [ProvideX][ODBC Driver][FILEIO]Unable to allocate memory to perform requested operation (#14) error after upgrading from Sage 100 Standard ver 2015 to 2017

    We use ODBC to connect to MS Access for several custom reports we use. After upgrading from Sage 100 Standard ver 2015 to 2017, ODBC connects to most files.  However, when we try to connect to the AR Invoice History Header file it will display data correctly…

  • Pulling data from Sage 50 Database with ODBC at a specific time in the past to produce a trial balance

    The current situation :

    We are using ODBC to pull data from the Sage 50 database to Excel. For example, if we pull the table taccount from the database we get the table with the GL accounts list and the amount at the present time. It produces a trial balance…

  • ProvideX ODBC Issue

    I am writing out a program and I keep getting this error on my sql statement

    Error: Expected lexical element not found: <identifier> (State:37000, Native Code: 3F7)

    Here below is my sql statement. I am nesting a select statement. 

    SELECT ItemCode…

  • Beginner SAGE 100 ODBC Questions

    I have inherited a project that requires some querying to a SAGE 100 database. I would like to do this from a PHP script. I have read a number of questions/articles about connecting to SAGE 100 ODBC via PHP and it seems straightforward. However, this…

  • Using 64-bit ODBC with 64-bit Excel - Unable to access view tables

    We have a customer that uses view tables created to optimize queries run in MS Query.  These queries run in 32-bit ODBC and 32-bit Excel, but do not run with the 64-bit versions of the same.  All other tables aside from view tables are able to be accessed…