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  • Job Cost Detail Report

    Is there a report that shows all of the posting detail for a specific job?  I am looking for a job cost detail report that shows the detailed cost for each cost code.

  • Profit and Loss

    Is there a way or method I can run a Profit and Loss for a specific time period - for example, 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019?

  • What does *!! at the end of a general ledger report mean?

    On some reports at the end I'm seeing *!! at the end and was wondering why or what it meant

  • Report Designer - Design Formula does not show up in Conditions


    I am following the instructions of KB186526 to create a Date Prompt on a JC report. I am able to create the prompt fields.

    I can make the design formula (using Accounting Date [JC Transaction] instead of Accounting Date [GL Transaction] as…