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  • Crystal Report Page Layout not previewing any width greater than 8.5"

    I created a Sales Report in Crystal Reports 2016 that has 20 columns of Summary and then those 20 columns have sub-reports that I have linked to provide the Details by simply clicking on the hyper-link of the Sub_Report name.  I added the Sales Report…

  • Error in File OELABEL ... The table could not be found

    Hi Citiers,

    I have searched around and and followed all the tips found here there there with no uck.

    I decided to knock on your door to check if you have any solution, hint, tips and a clue on how to debug this error. 

    We got an Windows Server 2019 Datacenter…

  • Crystal report Issue

    Created a custom crystal report for client with Date from and Date to and customer number as parameters in order for sending all invoices to a particular customer for a specific month or range of dates.

    The  custom crystal report on the sage server (…

  • Print SO Line Number on Packing Slip & Invoices on crystarl report

    Hello Everyone,

    Looking for a little help on how to print the sales order line number on Packing Slips & Invoices.

    We are finding every time a partial order is shipped the line numbers are renumbered starting at one based on the remaining lines to…

  • Custom Crystal Report printing differently

    We use a custom crystal report for our AIA type billing. Previously the items in the ITEM NO. column printed in the order that they appear in the Contract (which is correct). Recently certain items are printing seemingly randomly out of order. We did…

  • Parameter Prompting for Labels

    I am using Sage X3 V11 with Crystal 2013 to create a new label. Is it possible to prompt for report parameters when using the Print Stock Labels function? I am hoping to enter values for the label that are not currently stored in Sage as parameters. 

  • How to print petty cash statement


    I want to use the report "Bank Account in Ledgers Report" for petty cash accounts as well. While printing the report under parameter section, i can see the petty cash accounts but when i click on bank selection it says record does not exists.…

  • Profit and Loss

    Is there a way or method I can run a Profit and Loss for a specific time period - for example, 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019?

  • Only some job numbers showing on "JC Receivables Aging by Draw as of Accounting Date" report

    When I run the "JC Receivables Aging by Draw as of Accounting Date" report, I can see all of the outstanding draws by job. However, some job numbers/descriptions show up and some don't. It's a standard report, but I've tried to customize it many…

  • How to match Inventory (trial balance) amount with Inventory Valuation by Category - SQL statement

    For the past weeks, I have been working on generating a report that will provide the inventory amount per Category and should match it with the Inventory balance per Trial Balance or G/L or Financial reporter.

    Does anybody built a report on this using…

  • Information on fields from Wrk tables? Needed for Knowledge Sync.


    I'm looking to re-create a Crystal report so that it can be run by Knowledge Sync. I initially wanted to just use the report provided by SAGE, but it looks like I can't use this report as the information the SAGE report pulls is only generated…

  • Non Sage DB Report within Sage 300 CRE

    I have created a data warehouse database within the Sage 300 CRE SQL replicated databases to merge some of the data from both Timberline and Timberscan for reporting.  I have been able to write the Crystal Report and have it work when previewing from with…

  • Issue with Running a Crystal Report -- Error Message

    I am having an issue with a Crystal Report that I have pulling the data from the SQL replicated data.  The data pulls when I run the report in both Crystal Reports and also when I run from within Sage from any of our companies.  Upon having a user try and…

  • What does *!! at the end of a general ledger report mean?

    On some reports at the end I'm seeing *!! at the end and was wondering why or what it meant

  • Where are formulas being used

    I am trying to find out if there is a PSQL query or a report that I can run that will show me where formulas are being used - or if they are.  So, if a formula is being used, is it used in another formula, report, etc.  I have 100's of formulas & reports…

  • Sage 2017c web screen printing

    We have Sage 300c installed and the Web Screens are accessible.

    However, none of the standard reports display on the web screen if accessing them from a workstation that doesn't have Sage workstation installed on it already. Is there a fix for this?…

  • Unable to find language and/or path in general registry

    Hi! i´m trying to edit the SBONFACP crystal report  with the parameters values.

    So i tried to print it in rpt format and later open with the SAP crystal reports.

    When i tried to open it i have this error: "Unable to find language and/or path in…

  • Adding A new Crystal Report

    Does anyone have details notes on how to add a new crystal report to show up in SAGEX3. The report has been developed on crystal but I want it to show up as an option under printer in PO. It is a copy of BONCDE report with a little modification but I…

  • Table Does Not Exist

    I have a report I built from scratch. Pretty simple, only 4 tables and one parameter to fill.

    I added it to the directory, then thereport dictionary, then set up the default values and then the print code.

    The report is visible after I hit "Record" and…

  • Crystal Report Sales Invoice Form Back Order

    We currently have customer that accept Back orders. On the sales order the user is able to input items that are on back order. However, if a product is on back order the invoice form drops that product.

    The sales order:

    This is the invoice: The two…

  • Learn to write reports using Crystal Reports

    Start the new year off learning new report writing skills.  Crystal Reports: Getting Started will be held January 3 -4.  Click here to learn more and register

  • ESS Reports

    Where are the ESS reports stored?  If I wanted to modify one what folder are they located in?

  • Crystal reports inserting duplicate unwanted field - what am I doing wrong?

    I know there's still some fellow "old school" CR users here ...
    I am updating our check form - simply making a couple of minor alterations to PAYRLCHQ.rpt

    I want to replace   47/100  with  47 Cents

    The form has no 'Page Header' when I begin.…

  • Crystal Reports XI Training

    We are looking for a good source for Crystal Reports XI training.  Does anyone have recommendations?