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  • 1099 not including imported payments

    When calculating 1099 information payments which were imported is being ignored. On the log we do get a message warning "Payment currency differs from ledger currency" This is not a multi-currency environment

    Any ideas ?

    Thank You

  • History and Upgrade Suggestions

    Here are a few friendly suggestions that you might want to park in the back of your minds that could help out with some yearly maintenance and upgrading.  These are not day-to-day type  things but can help out over time.

    • There is a table in the system…
  • In Aatrix 1099 Forms, is there a way to adjust where information is printed? Data is not lining up with pre-printed form.

    After getting over the panic that our customized 1099 templates were gone with the upgrade to Sage 50 2023 and making the dozens of corrections Aatrix requires, I cannot get my printing to line up on the bottom portion of the 1099-MISC Forms!  I used to…

  • 1099

    Tried to print 1099-NEC and the forms sent to me by Peachtree Checks and Forms sent me 3 part copies but when on Peachtree printing on the first part prints in 3 part and the rest print in 4 part and that does not work.  System and Forms should be connected…

  • The new update lost the 1099 forms

    Yesterday I waited over 3 hrs for someone to give me an answer.  Terrible customer service.  The new update lost the 1099 forms.

  • Missing Print 1099/1096 Forms in Sage 300 2021

    We just installed the tax updates and product updates for Sage 300 2021 and we are missing the option to Print 1099/1096 Forms under A/P Vendor Reports.  I can see 1099 Filing and I have all of the setup options for 1099's selected.  What am I missing…

  • Aatrix forms update - error loading configuration (Exit Code: 2)

    I installed PU1 for V2023 to test the new Aatrix 1099 process. When trying to run the forms, I choose automatic update for the forms and receive the below error. I tried to manually update the forms by downloading the executable from Aatirx as well. Nothing…

  • 1099 in Sage 50 2023 Help!

    We just installed the update and my 1099 forms are gone.   When I click on Tax Forms it takes me to a new program that is completely different - is there any help in printing 1099's like we did previously?   It almost seems like it is setting it up to…

  • Tax Year 2022 1099 Update Information

    The TY2022 1099 Stand-Alone updates should be available around December 20, 2022, plus or minus a week and are somewhat related to when Aatrix Software opens up their systems for TY2022.  They will be provided for Sage 500 ERP versions 2018, 2019, 2021…

  • W-2s and 1099s for 2022

    What versions of Sage 100 and Payroll will customers need in order to process W-2s and 1099s for 2022?

  • We interrupt your summer for a look at 2022 1099s

    I know it is only August and I’m bringing up 1099s. It’s still summer and you don’t want to be reminded that year-end is just around the corner. But hey come on, we have to start thinking about year-end sometime. So, let’s ease into it with a quick preview…

  • Hot Fixes for AP - 1099

    Hi all,

    Where do I find the Hot Fix for 1099's for AP?  I know there is one out there but for the life of me, I can't find it!

    as at 6 Jan 22 - DEE

  • It's 2021 1099 time!

    Hi All!

    It’s time once again to start preparing for 1099 filings!

    What’s a 1099 form?

    Some of you may not be familiar with 1099s. For those, a 1099 form is used to report various types of wages, salaries and tips that aren’t reported on W…

  • Sage X3 1099 2021 Updates for Version 11 and Version 12 have been posted (KB 113691)

    To access this download, log into and in the search field type 113691. Click Search

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3 Download Portal…

  • Box 5 not populating in 1099-NEC

    Hello!  I am doing a test run of my 1099-NECs for calendar year 2021 and for some reason Box 5 is not populating when I review the grid.  Everything else looks okay.  I've never had this problem before so I am confused why it is not pulling off the vendor…

  • 1099 TY 2021 Stand-Alone Updates

    This replaces a previously posted discussion regarding the 1099 TY 2021 Stand-Alone Updates to reflect that as with past 1099 Stand-Alone Updates that a given Product Update level is required prior to installing the 1099 Stand-Alone Updates.  This usual…

  • Sage 500 ERP 1099 TY 2021 Stand-Alone Updates

    This has been edited since the original post to reflect that as with past 1099 Stand-Alone Updates that a given Product Update level is required prior to installing the 1099 Stand-Alone Updates.  This usual requirement helps ensure that both client and…

  • 1099 Tax Prep Balances

    Where exactly do I edit a 2020 1099 misc. amount paid to a vendor, if it needs to be changed?


  • Sage 1099 Tax Reporting did not update after submitting to Aatrix - internet disconnected

    I'm using Sage 100 version 2020.   I wanted to use Aatrix this year to submit my 1099's.  I went through all of the steps in Sage, logged in to Aatrix, paid for e-filing.  Between closing the Aatrix finish pop-up, and it going back to Sage, my internet…

  • 1099-Misc & 1099-NEC

    The 1099-Misc and 1099-NEC are printing out the exact same list of individuals, even though they are correctly marked in Sage. I cannot submit either 1099 to the IRS with only half of the names listed showing income because the blank ones should be on…

  • 1099' / 1096 adjustment

    While processing the 1099’s is there a way to add a vendor to the list of receivers of 1099’s? The situation is we did not have this vendors W-9 when we cut a check last year that was urgent. Only after we cut the check did we discover they…

  • 1099 Tax Year 2020 Updated January 15th

    On Friday, January 15th about 4 in the afternoon an update to the database install and the source code files was made.  We are calling this refresh #3.  The basic difference is in the way it handles a table called tapVendPmtAppl, which links vouchers to…

  • 1099 Prep Report

    The 1099 Prep Report shows my vendors that need 1099's but when I go to process 1099's it only prints the 1 vendor that is receiving attorney compensation - the other 1099's don't report even though there are 2020 totals. Help?

  • 1099 Reporting issues

    When I get to the vendor selection process it does not allow me to select the vendors I want. There is no checkbox like the Year-End guide shows below.

    I have selected 2020 as the year, but on my screen the "Select" row are empty and do not have a check…