• Slip List Appearance Options

    • Under Review on 20 Oct 2017
    • 1 Comment
    Please add a tool for copying slip list appearance settings to other users/workstations.
    • 20 Oct 2017 4:32 PM
  • Template for Repetitive Slip Creation

    • Under Review on 17 Apr 2017
    Every time firm gets a new case, they enter approximately 20 slips that are identical for all cases of this type. It would be very helpful and time saving to have a slip template, e.g., for a practice area so that the 20 slips could be generated with...
    • 17 Apr 2017 4:20 AM
  • Duplicate slips for multiple clients

    • Under Review on 15 Jun 2016
    • 1 Comment
    You should be able to do a same slip for Multiple clients instead of having to duplicate the slip 200 times if you have 200 clients very time comsuming
    • 15 Jun 2016 11:28 AM
  • Allow free text searching in the client.matter field of the slip entry window

    • Under Review on 28 Sep 2016
    • 1 Comment
    We have over 3000 client.matter records named in the format: CCCCC.MMMMMM (clientref). It is quite tedious to scroll down through the list of records to find the appropriate record for a given time slip. For example, if we have the following matters...
    • 28 Sep 2016 1:12 PM
  • linking attachments to expense slips--feature limitations

    • New on 11 Jan 2019
    The ability to link an attachment to an expense slip is a great idea, but it is extremely limited in function in a multi-user environment. The way it is implemented by saving a pointer to the path name of the attachment, expense receipts can be scattered...
    • 11 Jan 2019 4:41 PM
  • Justify in format

    • Under Review on 29 Oct 2018
    • 1 Comment
    It would be nice if I were able to justify the columns for the description on the bill format.
    • 29 Oct 2018 3:02 PM
  • Slip Notes Font Size and Box Size

    • New on 6 Jun 2019
    • 1 Comment
    I like the Slip Notes feature in Timeslips but there are two changes I would like to see made. First, I would like to be able to increase the display font in slip notes like we have the ability to do when creating slips. The font for slip notes is too...
    • 6 Jun 2019 12:59 PM
  • smart phone app

    • Under Review on 8 Jan 2018
    I would love to have a smart phone app that allows you to create billing slips. That would be a huge help when traveling.
    • 8 Jan 2018 9:11 AM
  • eCenter copy dates

    • New on 13 Jan 2020
    • 1 Comment
    Allow eCenter time entries to copy dates from the previous slip, much like Timeslips can. Even duplicating an eCenter slip entry reverts to the current calendar date.
    • 13 Jan 2020 5:07 PM