Under Review
over 3 years ago

add the ability to mark multiple slips in the e-center at one time as complete

It would be quite a help to allow the user to mark the radio button on multiple slips at a time and mark slips completed in batches, marking each slip individually can me cumbersome and needlessly frustrating for the user.  Since the user cannot see slips once they are synced with the local database, they tend to forget what was already entered and some like to add slips all week and complete the billing at the end of the week.  This helps them avoid double billing and missed billing if one forgets what was already entered since they cannot view any history in the e-center.  It would also help manage project billing.  (Either way, the admin should be able to set how many completed slips the end user can see and for how long they can view slips before they are deleted from the e-center database.)  

  • Definitely agree with Nicholas on the display of the description.  The addition of a mobile app designed for the small screen would also be very helpful.

  • I also agree with Pat here. It would be helpful if the narrative would also display on all entries instead of the user having to click on each entry to see it. I still believe that the administrator should also have access to select which entries to import into the desktop from eCenter. eCenter is a good product but could benefit from a major update, a more modern look/feel and the implementation of all the excellent suggestions on this blog about improving eCenter. I would gladly speak with the Timeslips engineers about eCenter updates.