over 1 year ago

Timeslips 2015 installed on a clients workstation, data on another computer, file lock / licensing issues.

Never seen Timeslips installed on a workstation that a user works on as her own. Is this considered normal? Data is on another computer. Problem is this user accesses TS with one other person. Two users and three licenses. It works fine until the user goes home and logs back into her work computer remotely where TS is installed. When she gets to work depending on whether another user is in TS determines if she can access the database or not. In the pic below the user I'm talking about is shown logged in three time. She had issues after the paralegal logged in from a remote connection and I had to have everyone close out and rename the to old. 

How to prevent this from happening in the future. 

  • Please review the documentation re: licensing and pathing. The licenses are assigned to the COMPUTER, not the logged in user. Hence your person who is remoting in is using a license in the TERMSER machine. Since you redacted the other computer names, I can't tell from your graphic which licenses are where. Nancy Duhon, Esq. Duhon Technology Solutions, LLC Master Certified Consultant for Sage Timeslips Providing individual Consultations and Third Party Remote Desktop Support - including older/unsupported versions. 404-325-9779 [email protected]