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Good morning Jan,

Thank you for this suggestion. I have added it to our request list for review and consideration.

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add to tab order

I would like to see the "search invoice number" button added to the tab order preferences available.  We are increasingly sending individual invoices rather than consolidated invoices because  client prefers it so posting a payment would be faster if I could tab to this button instead of picking up the mouse to select it.

  • Yes, more and more we are moving to providing individual invoices to clients rather than a consolidated bill.  Bill payment services that our clients use won't accept a consolidated bill.  The "short cut" for the button Find Invoice is Shift+Ctrl+T - not much of a shortcut really.  Thank you for your reply!

  • Oooh, good one .  Until then, just wanted to let you know, you can use a keyboard shortcut to get there. If you RIGHT-click on the icon you will get a list of keyboard shortcuts for that area.

    So, it sounds like need to look up the matter by invoice number more than by matter name?

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