Export to Excel or Word

Can an option be added to export reports or pre-bills to Excel or Word? The RTF format doesn't allow for sorting or editing very well, since everything is in a Text box, cannot easily be sorted.


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  • With very few exceptions, all Reports can be printed to Excel directly from the filter screen.  Once it is printed to Display, that option is not present, no.  Printing to display for verification of the correct data, clicking DONE and then changing the Print To dialog to Microsoft Excel should give you what you need.  See Knowledgebase article 88589 for details.

    Generate Bills is not available in Excel and is one of the exceptions mentioned above due to it's complexity.  When printing to RTF (Rich Text Format) my best success has been to use Basic RTF with Column Stops.

    If you are trying to sort slips on a bill, there may be a different option that you could utilize.  Refer to knowledgebase article 78256 for an example.

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