How-to help for common Sage Timeslips questions

This blog post focuses on providing information for three topics customers frequently contact Sage Timeslips Customer Support about: clearing licenses, creating a custom report or bill layout, and creating a bill.

How do I clear licenses in Timeslips Premium and 2017+?

If you need to remove licenses in Timeslips, either to resolve the "There are not enough licenses to allow use of the program at this time" error or to simply start over with a clean slate of available license slots, the following steps can help.

  1. Browse to the Timeslips program location on the workstation - typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Timeslips\
    - As an alternative, you can right-click on your desktop icon and select Open File Location
  2. Open Timeslips Administrator by running TSAdmin.exe
  3. Click View Licenses
  4. Highlight the license you wish to remove and select Clear or Clear All as appropriate
  5. Click OK when the prompt appears
  6. Click Done

The steps above can be found in our Clear licenses in Timeslips Premium and 2017+ Sage Knowledgebase article.

How do I create a Sage Timeslips custom report or layout?

Sage Timeslips Customer Support can assist in showing how to create a custom report or bill layout from a generic standpoint, but is not able to actually create the report/layout or advise on how to specifically create the report/layout.

Please contact a Sage Timeslips Certified Consultant for assistance on this issue. Our How do I find a certified consultant Sage Knowledgebase article explains how.

How to generate a bill

If you need to create a bill in Sage Timeslips, please use the steps below. 

  1. Click Bills, Generate Bills
  2. Use the appropriate filters to create the bill(s):
    • Client Selection will allow you to select specific clients
    • Slip Transaction Date permits specifying a date range
    • Many other filters are available that limit the data even further. Choose what you need for your desired result.
  3. Select the device you wish to print to and click Print.
    • Display prints to the screen
    • Print specifies the default printer
    • Print... brings up a list of available printers
    • Text file prints to an editable text file and will likely not be formatted exactly as desired
    • RTF is Rich Text Format for use in common word processing programs
    • PDF uses the internal PDF writer in Timeslips

Note that the Options button can provide more flexibility in what bills should or should not be printed

  • Limit Data area
    • Show bills with balances but no activity - prints a 'balance forward' bill
    • Show bills with funds activity only - prints a bill for clients with Client Funds (IOLTA, Escrow, Retainer) activity only
    • Include Clients that are paid in full - useful for printing a final zero-balance bill for the client
    • A/R transactions obey the slip date range filter - restricts the bill to not show payments, credits, etc. that are not dated within the range of the slip transaction date filter
    • Include payments with unapplied amounts - applies payments automatically
    • Release slips marked hold - slips that are marked with a Hold status will be released and billed

Visit our How to generate a bill Sage Knowledgebase article for additional details.