• Sage 50 2018 Student version download data files

    how do i access the START.SAI folder? I am unable to locate it the Sagedata18 folder.

  • How to download sage 50 premium student version

    I have downloaded Student version but its not accepting info provided by email to activate and register my sage student copy

  • Version étudiante


    J'ai installé sage 50 il y a maintenant 14 mois. Mon 14 mois gratuit est maintenant terminé. Cependant mon cours de comptabilité n'est pas terminé.

    J'ai refait mon inscription et reçu mes informations pour…

  • Level 3 Sage 50 2020.0 data files

    I am signed up with Sage University and am starting Level 3 training.  I have downloaded the student version of Sage 50.  The exercise data files that I am to download is under Exercise Data Files 2020.  The instructions say that I will get a zip file to…

  • Product key Activation

    I haven't received my product key yet

    This is my Email: [email protected]

    Sage50 US Edition 2021

  • Sage 50 2019 Student version issues

    I am a teacher whose student is having issues activating Sage.  It keeps asking for an ID number.  I know Sage was having issues so they provided generic codes, and those worked, but now this is popping up. 

    Anyone encounter this?

  • Activation Student Version (2016) Key code

    Hi all,

    I already have a personal Sage 50 Pro (2019) installed on my computer but need to use the 2016 Superieur version for my classes (files are in Sage 50 Superieur) and cannot be open with the Pro version).

    In the email I received with the activation…

  • ACTIVATION CODE / CODE CLÉ (Sage 50 Comptabilité Supérieur – Version Étudiant)

    Hi / Bonjour,

    I am having trouble with my KEY CODE  that SAGE 50 was sent to me that why I cannot use the activation code /J'ai un problème avec CODE CLÉ (PAS BON FORMAT) que Sage m'a envoyée par courriel donc je ne peux pas utiliser…

  • Sage 50 - 2019 Installation

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a student at Glendale Community College in the USA, CA.

      I am taking accounting courses and sage50 - 2019 is our Educating Version, I am facing difficulties with reinstalling my sage 50-2019 Because I Installed the first time and everything…

  • I have not received my activation code for Sag 50 2018 Canadian version


    I have downloaded and installed the Sage 50 2018 Canadian Edition, but I am yet to receive my activation code.

  • student Sage 50 2016

    I would like to see if i would be able to purchase a used book from someone or do i need a new one. also where I can download the 2016 student version of the software. 

  • SAGE 50 2016.2

    Please, i would like to know what i should do to resole this issue. i've try to install Sage 50 2016.2 and i have this message.

  • Still waiting

    I am already behind on my sage 50 2 assignments I am still waiting for a key code that is 23 characters long....I do have an activation code that is 31 characters long, which idk what to do with....please help!!!!

  • Sage 50 Accounting Student Version 2017 activation code

    I registered the student version of sage, but I did not receive Student Version 2017 activation code.

  • Apple products

    Hi, I recently downloaded Sage student version and when I try to open it tells me I do not have the program that it's needed for me to open Sage on my MacBook Air. Does anyone know which program needs to be dowloaded to be able to open Sage? 

  • No activation Key

    Good morning, 

    I have downloaded and registered for the Sage student version but still have not received and activation key via email. How do I get this?

  • Key Code

    I downloaded sage student edition and didn't receive a code via email?

  • How do you install Sage 50 student version 2019 onto a mac

    I have been trying to install sage on my laptop and I got to the download part that comes before the install part. However, after it was done downloading it wouldn’t let me open the file because it says Microsoft Windows applications are not supported…
  • Trouble with account ID during registration

    Hello, my Sage 50 2019 student version is asking for my account ID, i did all of the registrations and have the serial and activation code but still do not have my account ID. what could I possibly do? 

    I contacted customer service and they simply told…

  • HELP

    ive installed sage and am now trying to open the start.sai file and it saying its a read only file and i cannot open it. what am i doing wrong?

  • Key Code


    I have tried to email [email protected] about my key code and have not received an automatic reply that others have seemed to receive. I am looking for a key code for version 2018. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Activation key code


    I Have registered to have an activation key code so many times, but I haven't received any code yet. please, how can I have the activation key code to complete my installation. I am using sage 2017 student version.

    Thank you.

  • Activation Code Outage: Still no code after 3 days and multiple emails

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if there is a timeline on this outage? I have been trying everything suggested for the past three days to get an activation code for the 2019 student edition. I have emailed numerous times with no reply, classes started 3 days…

  • No Key Code for activation after 5 days

    Hi I've been waiting for my key code to activate Version 2020 (Canada) for 5 days. I have requested a code multiple times and contacted support a few times as well. Thanks.

  • waiting for key code

    I am waiting for my key code to start working on an assignment!!