about sage 50 2015


i am taking accounting course i have installed sage 50 2015 but i cant use it, when i flow up the booklet step there nothing in MURALS folder so i cant open it, and i also cant open my school assessment files. 

thank you


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  • Hello @CIDNY,

    Thanks for reaching out! Can you confirm whether this is for the US or Canadian student version? If it's for Canadian then, the file name or file type extension should be .SAI, .SAJ, .CAB (compressed file containing both the .SAI and .SAJ files), the file size should not be 1KB, that's too small (note that if the CAB file is uncompressed, then you should see the .sai and .saj files in the same location, your screenshot shows only 1 file which isn't normal). So something seems corrupt or not copied over correctly.

    Since the data files do not come with the software install, I recommend reaching out to your teacher to ensure it's the right files.

    Hope this helps,

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