Activation of sage 50

I am using a student version of Sage 50, but all of a sudden I see it is expired today, it is only one month when I installed and started using and it was supposed to work till 14 months. Now it is asking for all my activation credentials. I have all of the information but forgot my account id.

I need help to know why this expired after one month only and if I forgot my account id, how can I find it??

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for reaching out! Note that the Student version has no Account ID, so if you encounter a field requiring this number during product activation then you've installed the regular version instead of the student version.

    Students can obtain their 14-month version from

    If you plan on reinstalling the software, check / do the following steps:

    1. Open Windows Explorer
    2. Go to Documents, Public Documents, Sage Software, Simply Accounting
    3. Delete the year you are working with.
    4. Uninstall Sage 50, the same year you deleted in the step above.
    5. Reinstall from C:\ Sage\ Sage50 [version] Installer Files - CDN Release [Year]
    6. Enter the correct serial number for the year being installed.
    7. Activate with correct codes.

    Hope this helps!