Job History Report

Is there a way to pull a report that includes all job history for each employee?  I've tried creating a Secure Query with no luck.  Guessing it may be able to be done in Crystal?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • There is a report in the Crystal Library that can give you a good head start.  It is called Salary History.rpt and it should be available in your Data\Custom Reports\HR folder.  It has a detail line with information from the current data.  Then it has a Group Footer #2 line with information from your job history.  If you remove the fields on these two lines and replace them with the fields you need it will show you both the current job information and the job history information.  The field names will be similar except the current information will be something like p_jobcode and the history information will be named like j_jobcode.

    Good luck.

  • Wait - where do  you find this Crystal reports library?  I don't know where this Data\Custom Reports\HR folder is.

  • Browse to the server where the Sage HRMS application is installed.  The default install directory on the server is c:\ProgramData\Sage\SageHRMSServer\Data\CustomReports.  You may have a mapped drive and the full path may not be displayed (which is fine).  The easiest way to locate it, is to search the server for the folder CustomReports.  Please note that there is no space between 'Custom' and 'Reports'.  Once you are in that folder you will see additional folders grouped by product.  In the example above, the recommendation is to go to HR and locate the Salary History report.

    Another option is to access the Sage Knowledgebase , Article ID 55826.  You can type the article number into the search field.  Here there are an additional 65 sample HR Crystal Reports available to download (free of charge). Go to the attachment section.  There is a Job History Listing report.

    If you still do not find a report that meets your needs or need assistance modifying a report, you can reach out to Sage HRMS Support (assuming you have an active support contract).  If you have gold support, you can make an on demand appointment.