Direct Deposit Check Stock Code


I am new to HRMS and of course missed a step on changing the "Check" check stock code to DD check stock code thus now all of the 400+ advices had the check sequence number on it instead of the direct deposit sequence number. It was a bit too late when I realized the error because the process was already completed/posted. Has anyone had this happen to them and what is the best practice and or advise you can share and or give to fix this error? 

Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure where you are in the check printing when you missed the step on changing the stock.  The default when going into Print/Post Checks is 'All Checks'. This field is to the right of where you enter the pay period end date.   If this was the step that was missed, I would suggest when you are on the page where you click 'Print', look at the number of unprinted checks.  This number should tie in with how many checks you are expecting.  Same logic would hold true if you are printing direct deposits.  

    If you normally change your check stock from within the Print/Post and this was the step that was missed, continue reading.

    In Setup > Payroll > Banks > (select the bank) > Check Stocks tab.  Here is where the defaults for the check and/or direct deposit advices are selected. There is a column for Check Form and another for Advice Form.

    When in Print/Post Checks, the field beside the Pay Period End Date you can select All Checks, EFT Checks only or Non-EFT checks only.  My suggestion would be to select Non-EFT Checks only (which means checks) and the default check stock will be pulled from your bank setup.  Once checks are printed/posted, go back to Print/Post Checks and print EFT Checks only (direct deposits).  Again, the check stock will default from your selection in banks.  Please note that it doesn't matter whether you print checks first or direct deposits.

  • I back up before I import my timecards.  I had something happen almost identical to you.  I was able to restore to my previous back up and run the whole payroll again.  If that is too onerous, perhaps a backup just prior to check printing could be the saving grace in the event of a check/direct deposit stock mix-up.

    Another good thing to do is to export your checks and direct deposits to a word file.  Use the 2003 Word for your export.  It will save as a .rtf file.  You can keep it in that format or change it to a .doc format.  This has been very handy to use for replacement checks.