Deleting last transaction

I may be overthinking this but thought I'd reach out anyway. Last month, I partially disposed 5 assets due to a sale. However, was just informed that the quantity was incorrect and as a result, the proceeds on the sales invoice changed. I've already calculated depreciation with a January period close date and need to rebook the sale with the new quantities to dispose of and new proceeds. I came across the "Delete last transaction" function a few months ago and thought this could be a way to undo the disposal and start over. Is it just as simple as deleting the last transaction on these disposed assets to make them active again? Or is my situation a bit more complicated? Will the asset be restored to pre-January depreciation numbers or can I somehow get it to restore to post-January depreciation (if that makes sense)?

I guess I'm just trying to make sure that the reports that come out of Sage will tie to our GL.