Managing Users licenses in the Sage Fixed Assets 2016.1

Important Notice: This is not a change to your current license agreement with Sage Fixed Assets. The application will still allow the installation of an unlimited number of clients, but only the named users will be able to access the fixed assets databases now.

This function will appear on Sage Fixed Assets Premier and Network Depreciation and Tracking only. Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation and Tracking Single user or Planning on any product level is not included.


With the 2016.1 release, Sage Fixed Assets has introduced a new feature to manage the client connections to the Sage Fixed Assets databases.

This new feature will allow the number of clients to connect up to the number of seats on your license +1 (the +1 is for a client on server for testing). Once that limit has been reached, the next client to connect will receive a message warning that; “There are no available seats…” which will allow that client to activate a seven day grace period for the customer.

The 7 day grace period

The seven day grace period is a one-time only function. Once any client clicks Continue that client and any other unlicensed clients, will function normally with a countdown screen (Remaining Grace Period) on opening, for those 7 days. The grace period cannot be reset or activated again.

Once the seven day grace period has ended, all unlicensed clients will get a message explaining the grace period has expired. Click Purchase to go to a Sage Fixed Asset’s website with information on purchasing additional seats, or OK to close the dialog and exit the program.

How to view which computers\users have access to the product.

From any licensed client, go to Help, Registration, highlight the product, click View Seats and a complete listing of all computers and users which have attempted to access the server will open.

The licensed computers will appear on the top list, and all other computers which has attempted to launch the SFA application beyond your license +1 will appear in the Unlicensed Computers list.

How to manage the seat license

There is a new feature in the Product Registration program which allows the system administrator to activate and deactivate computers. Once the desired product has been highlighted, the Manage Seats button will become active:


Click Manage Seats and a summary of the licensed computers will open.

This dialog will include information on the total number of client installs allowed and in use, the computer and user name of those clients which have already connected to the SFA databases and the remaining deactivations allowed.

How to deactivate a Licensed Computer

From this dialog any of the listed computer can be deactivated. To deactivate a computer: Check the box for the computer(s) to be deactivated, and click the Deactivate button and that computer will be removed from the list

Additional Information on deactivating computers:

  • There is only a limited number of deactivations allowed - 30% of your license total, always rounding up, with a minimum of three.
  • Once a computer is deactivated, it will no longer be counted as a licensed computer and will not be able to access the application.
  • If multiple computers are selected to be deactivated each computer counts against the remaining deactivations allowed.

How to activate an Unlicensed Computer

Select Show Unlicensed Computers to view the list of unlicensed computers.

Note: An unlicensed computer is a workstation that has launched or attempted to launch the SFA application over the agreed license +1.

Check the box for the computer to be activated, and click the Activate button and that computer will be removed from the list of Unlicensed Computers and put onto the list of Licensed Computers

How to allow more deactivations

When the Remaining Deactivations becomes zero, you can reset it through the use of a reset code provided by Sage Fixed Assets – Customer Support. Call Support at 800-331-8514 to get the reset code.

To use the reset code from Support: Click the Reset Button and enter the reset code, click Reset and the Remaining Deactivations count will return to the maximum allowed.


The reset code will only be valid on the day you obtain it.

  • Yes, we did. I see you already have a Support ticket Escalated to us. It appears Lovisa should be calling you back sometime today

  • Hello, I realize that this is an old post, but I find myself in same predicament. Did Sage ever come up with a working solution for you on this problem?

  • Hello DFeeman,

    The seat license come in 1, 3, 5, 10 and upwards by 5. The Manage User does allow a +1 seat for the IT troubleshooting purpose so I suppose you could call a 3 seat license a 4 seat license but its intended purpose is for 3 users then the IT guy’s client on the server.

    Yes, if you need to do something on the server, you would need to shuffle the Licensed Computers around to allow access as needed.


  • We are new to Sage Fixed Assets and I am the Administrator.  We purchased 4 licenses for our users.  The question I have is do I need to have a license as Administrator?  Because right now during the setup of the application I have given myself a license and 3 other users but when we go live I need 4 users to have access.  So with this scenario if I need to do support for them I will have to remove one of them from the licensing and give it to myself and then when finished give it back to them.


  • Hello Scott,

    The license terms are listed in our EULA which is a click through agreement at the point of installation.  As far as pricing goes there is a price break as you purchase more licenses (as the number of seats you purchase goes up the cost per seat goes down).  There are quite a few variations in our pricing models which can be based on version of the software, # of seats, and platform so the best way to get accurate pricing is to reach out to our sales team at 800-368-2405