• Sage X3 Warehousing (GEODE) v12.0.24 has been posted (KB 108059)

    To access this download, log into https://support.na.sage.com/ and in the search field type 108059. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3 Download…

  • Erradic termination of webclient sessions after undefined times of user inactivity.

    Running Sage X3 V12, we are facing problems on all browser and computer platforms: while having open a user session running on any browser or network, useres get kicked out suddenly after a certain inactivity with varying duration.

    After cklick message…

  • U.S. and Canada: New and improved: Sage Knowledgebase for Sage X3

    Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) just got a major redesign—complete with an updated interface and additional features.   

    What’s new?
    In addition to a cleaner look and easier navigation, the improved Sage KB now offers:

  • Workflow Action Update fields

    I need assistance developing this workflow. 

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    When a customer return is created, I need the workflow to look at a TSICOD(1) and if it = 003, I need to update the lines of that return.

    The trigger works, so I can assume…

  • What's the Employees table name?

    You can manage Employees at: Common Data > Manufacturing tables > Employees

    But I can't find the corresponding table.

    Does anybody know what's the table name?

  • Was that the way I entered the customer address lines?

    You were positive you entered the lines for the new customer address in a certain order, but now they’ve changed. You wonder if you forget to it that way? Did someone change it? Let take a look.

    Your billing department asked for the street address…

  • U.S. and Canada: 2020-2021 Sage Year-end Winter Schedule

    The Winter season—and year-end—are fast approaching and we want to share our office closure schedule with you: 

    Sage Canada closures

    Sage US closures

    • December 25: Christmas Day
    • January 1: New Year’s Day


    • November 26 and…
  • Product Import Template not creating Product-Site


    I'm trying to build an import template that allows me to create ITMMASTER and ITMFACILIT records at the same time. These are the fields I have listed below.

    When I attempt to import based on this template, the Product in ITMMASTER is created…

  • query not allowing view of page 2

    I have run a query, i can see that it has returned 174 lines. no matter what i view, it will only show me 100. besides that, on the page there is no way to go to page 2, and when i download it to excel, it only downloads what is on page 1, and not the…

  • Launching Sage X3

    I would like to launch X3 on the Navigation screen, how is this done? Currently it launches on a Landing page.

  • Sales Order Lines Column Format suddenly changed?

    I'm hoping someone will have experienced something similar. Today our Sales Dept. reported that the columns in the Lines tab for Sales Order Management had suddenly changed. As you can see below there are now EDI PO Line, EDI L UDF1, & EDI L UDF 2 being…

  • Cash - Controlled Account or Not

    I am trying to get an idea of best practices for bank accounts in X3.  We are coming from Sage 500 where there is a Cash Management module and implementing Sage X3, where there is not.  Our partner believes we should not make our cash account a control…



    This may not be an error as much as a question as the internal workings of Sage X3. I've been setting up reports for our Sales department, but they weren't lining up wtih our Actuals. I realized that I was utilizing SORDER.SHIDAT_0 instead of SDELIVERYD…

  • Open Sales Order to last entry.

    When a select user in our system opens Sales Orders it opens up and all fields are blank. Another user opens Sales Order and it opens to their last entry. How can I configure the first user to open on the last entry? 

  • Sage X3 Daily Digest

    The last Sage X3 Daily DIgest from any forum i received was 10/16/2020.   Had it been discontinued or have I been discontinued?    They are still set in my profile.

  • How to change average cost lot with code

    Hi everybody.

    I need found system to update average cost lot without Miscelaneos Receipt /Miscelaneos Issue. For example:

    I have product A with 100 units of lot LOT1, and cost is 10. This stock I create with an Purchase receipt.

    Now, i create a service…

  • Sage X3 Year-End Processing training classes now available on Sage University!

    Don’t miss a step to achieve a smooth year-end close. This two-hour instructor-led WebEx course will use available resources and established procedures to help you achieve a successful year-end close for your distribution and financial modules

  • Is there a way to perform the time entry function in mobile application?

    Is there a way to perform the time entry function in mobile application? Should I customize the app or utilize the standard one in sagex3 web? Thanks!

  • Web service action modify list inventory


    I'm trying to call the web service object to update QTYPCUNEW on a inventory's list wich is include 98 lines.

    WW_IDENT = "SES1912S0100035…

  • Max Ship-To Addresses Reached?

    My company has encountered an issue where we can no longer enter any new Ship-To addresses for our account. It seems Sage X3 (v7 patch 8) sets a limit at 200 ship-to addresses per BP.

    ^200 Address Limit vs 1 Address^

    Is there a parameter I can change…

  • Tableaux X3 triés : perte du tri dès que l'on modifie une donnée

    Si l'on exécute un tri sur une colonne d'un tableau dans X3, ce tri est automatiquement annulé lors que l'on saisie une donnée.

    Ce fonctionnement est très pénalisant pour les utilisateurs. 

  • Upgrade windows server and SQL server from 2008 to 2016 and keeping sage x3 version 6 intact.

    I am running Sage X3 V6 and SQL 2008, on windows server 2008, want to upgrade to windows 2016, with SQL 2016, but keeping version 6 intact. Will there there be any problem?

    how much will be the cost and time required to perform, how much downtime? any…

  • Which table stores the details for screen personalization's?

    I am looking for information on who created and updated a screen and when?  

    Thank you in advance, 

  • Representations questions on visible, invisible, technical

    The online help says....

    Query, Detail, Edit, Lookup, Summary

    These columns represent the different facets in which the property can be used. When one of these columns is selected, the property is present in the corresponding facet. Otherwise, it is not…

  • Link between MACHINES and CONTSERV

    Is anyone familiar with linking the MACHINES (Installed base) and CONTSERV (Service Contracts) tables? I am trying to create a crystal report to print from the installed base screen with a summary of all the related service contracts.

    From the installed…