• Umm...maybe, I forget to start using the 1099-NEC form and boxes…Umm..Help!

    So, you’ve started to review your supplier payments and noticed that you never changed the Supplier default 1099 form and 1099 boxes to those for 1099-NEC.  Or perhaps, only some of your Supplier transactions are showing up as form 1099-NEC payments…

  • SAGE X3 Hide unneeded landing pages

    In SAGE X3 V12 it seems that we have double all of the landing pages, so as an example we have an A/R Manager landing page and a NA A/R Manager landing page that is the same.  I want to remove or hide the unneeded pages to clean up the user interface for…

  • Sage X3 12.0.24 and Patch 24 Add-on Updates have been posted (KB 107657)

    To access this download, log into https://support.na.sage.com/ and in the search field type 107657. Click Search.

    For a complete list of available Sage X3 full-product downloads and patch updates, see the Sage X3 Download Portal. To access the Sage X3 Download…

  • how to select a supplier address to ship from on a Purchase Order?

    In PO enter the supplier X3 doc says 'When the entered supplier is a Normal supplier, you can view and potentially modify the address from the Actions icon, as soon as the supplier code has been entered.' Is this to allow the selection of one of the supplier…

  • General Ergonomics

    two topics that have been reported by users :
    Ability to enter a table from a screen in input without cancelling the sorting done on a column beforehand
    Possibility to perform a CTRL+C in the trace display screen

    I would also like to take this opportunity…

  • Supplier Master extract

    Hi everyone,

    If I were to extract supplier master data for active suppliers including addresses etc. which tables should I export the data from?

    We use Sage X3 v7.


    Matt K

  • Invoicing what is not delivered yet

    Administrations have this need.

    We were asked, at the end of the year or at the end of the budget, to invoice goods or products which are still on our deposits and individualized that we have not yet delivered. We recognize part of the turnover according…

  • Alter database SAGE


    Sqlserver2018 Sage database, who used the “notification query” function? does it create problems for Sage's normal work?

    Sage X3 Version 11.12



  • A Factor per Company, or per BP

    A Factor set with a Factoring type at « Recourse » has to be linked to a Payment Bank.

    This is mandatory field, and is linked to a Company and Site code.

    There is a lack of set-up concerning the Factor, it should be possible to configure it…



    This may not be an error as much as a question as the internal workings of Sage X3. I've been setting up reports for our Sales department, but they weren't lining up wtih our Actuals. I realized that I was utilizing SORDER.SHIDAT_0 instead of SDELIVERYD…

  • Sage X3 fails to Import Customized field for Sales Order

    Dear all,

    I have created the customized field without any logic which is only storing text.

    When I modify the sales order import template, I have added the customized field.

    When I run the import, every standard field is fine but customized field.


  • Define if a sales transaction is collect, third party, etc.

    Can you review the ability to define on the sales order level and write through to the delivery if a transaction is collect, third-party, etc.? We have a number of clients that need to add custom fields and logic when it is general business in defining…

  • Sage X3 Daily Digest

    The last Sage X3 Daily DIgest from any forum i received was 10/16/2020.   Had it been discontinued or have I been discontinued?    They are still set in my profile.

  • Issue doing misc issue by import


    I am trying to do a misc issue by import the data in. I changed the file type for the import to be delimited and the date formatting, but everything else for the template is the same. Below is the error message i am getting returned when I try to…

  • Partial Purchase Invoice accidentally closed the whole PO

    When we have a purchase invoice from a vendor that is not for the full quantity, a popup appears that says something like "Partial Invoicing. Is this a full invoice?" And if the user confirms it's fully invoiced, it closes that PO like and marks it fully…

  • YOUR Manufacturing Partner Recommendations

    Calling all Sage X3 USERS! I am in the process of evaluating Sage X3 for my organization and am interested in finding the best partner for our business. If you have a company similar to ours, which I’ve detailed below, and are more than satisfied with…

  • Sage X3 Year-End Processing training classes now available on Sage University!

    Don’t miss a step to achieve a smooth year-end close. This two-hour instructor-led WebEx course will use available resources and established procedures to help you achieve a successful year-end close for your distribution and financial modules

  • Max Ship-To Addresses Reached?

    My company has encountered an issue where we can no longer enter any new Ship-To addresses for our account. It seems Sage X3 (v7 patch 8) sets a limit at 200 ship-to addresses per BP.

    ^200 Address Limit vs 1 Address^

    Is there a parameter I can change…

  • Importing GAS Error: Record Already Exists, but it doesn't

    Sage X3 ERP v7 Patch 8

    I'm trying to figure out how to import Journal Entries to alleviate the time spent by our Accounting Dept. I know the data I'm inputting is accurate because I'm just re-importing data exported from the Production server (excluding…

  • Is there a way to assign an Employee to multiple Work Centers in X3?

    Is there a way to assign an Employee to multiple Work Centers in X3, or can they only be assigned to 1?

  • Tableaux X3 triés : perte du tri dès que l'on modifie une donnée

    Si l'on exécute un tri sur une colonne d'un tableau dans X3, ce tri est automatiquement annulé lors que l'on saisie une donnée.

    Ce fonctionnement est très pénalisant pour les utilisateurs. 

  • Journal entry - "Màj date d'exécution" option

    Hi all,

    On the journal entry function appeared a new option that I never seen before - "Màj date d'exécution"

    Has anyone seen this? Why it appears and what it does?

    Thank you. 

  • Labels Printing Format Incorrect

    Hello, we are printing are labels off a Toshiba label printer and they are coming out incorrect. The print is coming out horizontally instead of vertically. I have changed the settings on the printer but there have been no changes, is there any way to…

  • Split work order based on maximum batch size

    We can only make our FG products in batches of 60 each. So if the demand is for 120 then we need 2 work orders for 60 each. How can we get MRP to split the demand of 120 into 2 WOs of 60 each? Currently it suggests 1 WO for 120.



  • Writing X3 code? Let's check for errors!

    Today I want to take a quick look at a function that is useful for development, Source Verification.  This tool can be useful to check for common programming errors and anomalies that could outright stop the code from working or could lead to other issues…