• Workflow Action Update fields

    I need assistance developing this workflow. 

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    When a customer return is created, I need the workflow to look at a TSICOD(1) and if it = 003, I need to update the lines of that return.

    The trigger works, so I can assume…

  • OGGSTD - Button


    I have issue with a Button on Windows OGGSTD (Accounting Object GAS).

    Validated Windows OGGSTD, also all the Transactions.

    When I click on Button, my spe is not firing. I don't understand.

    • I tried to put $SETBOUT chmen+="7" but it doesn't make…
  • Customize standard operation of standard process


    I'd like to customize a standard operation into CNSSPRSTD standard process, called by the specific processing CNSSPRSPE, about projected stock inventory.

    It's possible to:

    - copy the standard process CNSSPRSTD

    - create a new one, called (for…

  • BPSUPPLIER SCREEN (X3) - CONTACT default field KCNTFLG not in MSSQL database tables - CONTACT or CONTRACTCRM

    October 25th, 2020 

    Hello Teams,

    Need your help. :) 


    Where to find the field KCNTFLG - which is the Default Contact Flag in the MSSQL x3 database tables. 

    Goal - I am looking for where the CNTFLG field is stored in…

  • X3, Errors after Update to X3 v12.0.23

    Hello Everyone 

    we updated a X3 system from v12.0.21 to v12.0.23 , but just the X3 folder was updated (not the other live folder)!

    and now we get these errors like this (and the .src files are not in the TRT folder) 

    is it that we should just select the…

  • Writing X3 code? Let's check for errors!

    Today I want to take a quick look at a function that is useful for development, Source Verification.  This tool can be useful to check for common programming errors and anomalies that could outright stop the code from working or could lead to other issues…

  • Sage X3 PU11 - SOAP Call in C# Language - Is there a common library DLL which we. can attached as a reference.

    Hello Teams,

    We are creating an Interface to Sage X3 PU11 and would like to know if Sage or any other provider has  created a common DLL library for the C# programming language. Will be used to call SOAP or REST in Sage X3.

    Thank you,


  • Attach PDF (no crystal) through code to Email Workflow Event type


    Prior validating payment on Bank website, we need to submit Invoices in PDF.

    We would like to avoid send them manually.

    • On X3, we have a folder PIH for Purchase Invoice with all PDF inside named NUM.PDF (Invoice number).
    • In GESPAY (payment), we…
  • Eclipse error during "attach to process" operation

    Hi, I've a problem with the configuration of Eclipse, to debug Sage X3 programs.

    I downloaded Eclipse Indigo, as suggested by the support center.

    I set up both Eclipse and Sage user for connect the IDE with the client. I chose the port 10000, and…

  • Creating Delivery via web services, based on a Order

    I am trying to create a Delivery via web services, and have it attached to an existing Order.  The order has been allocated, and ready for Delivery creation.

    I created a simple object web service using the SDH object.

    I am sending the order # in the header…

  • Conditional Style in Delivery Grid

    I am trying to get certain fields to change colors when the quantity being shipped is less than the quantity ordered. I am comparing screen values to SO values. It doesn't link the delivery line back to the proper SO line, so my formula only works on…

  • Cannot acces local file

    Hi, from Sage X3 v12 web, i use the editor ADOTRT. Open my src program and run. 

    local char zfile(255), CURLINE(20)

    zfile = "e:\temp\mb\test.txt"

    openi zfile Using [TST]


       Rdseq CURLINE Using [TST]

       infbox CURLINE

    until fstat <> 0…

  • How To Replicate Same Folder, Same SQL Database from a Production Server to a Data Recovery Server Automatically

    Hi guys,

    I need help!

    My client wants me to achieve an automatic backup from her Production server to a Data recovery Server on a daily basis

    Please how can this be achieved?

    Hoping to get a positive response


  • 4GL- Calling IMPORTSIL from grid contextual menu (GBOUT1) doesn't work

    Hi, I'm facing a weird behaviour.

    In my specific, I've developed a routine that uses IMPORTSIL to add a new line to an existing sales order.

    This routine is simple:

    1. Reads current SOH data and generates a text file
    2. Add a new text line from parameters…
  • Add certificate at pdf and send via email

    Hi Everybody
    IS there the possibility of adding a certificate when generating a pdf invoice, and automatically sendind it by email? Right now we send pdf invoices by email, but I don't know if can add a certificate to pdf before. Has anyone encountered…
  • Update Credit status field (CDTSTA)

    Is there a way to update the credit status field of a sales order on creation?  I have tried setting the value on in APRES_CRE "[M:SOH1]CDTSTA = 4" without any luck.  I have also tried using the entry point TRTVENCDT > CALCREDIT also without…

  • How to change record by code

    Anyone knows if it's possible to change a record by code without leaving and entering the object?
    For instance, a button on a window that forces the current record to other than the one currently loaded.
    Is there any standard call for this…
  • Webservices and Groups

    In a webservice you have to select a group for a parameter/value. What is the purpose of that? 

    Why do i get the following message,

    [err] Field ZBPCEMP not expected into group GRP0.

    when  in my webservice definition the field is in Group0! Also in my Body…

  • REST Web service Pagination

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using representations to use the REST web services in sage x3 v12, and it's working fine, but some parameters it seems not to work.

    I want to do a pagination when I use the $details facet, but it's not working.

    looking this…

  • Sage X3 STREAM Implementation Methodology toolkit


    Is anyone using the Sage X3 STREAM Implementation Methodology toolkit .

    I am having trouble finding out information on it and checking out some samples before purchasing.

    Does anyone have any feedback on it

  • I cannot set the item's Sales Unit when I register an order via SOAP

    I cannot set the item's Sales Unit when I register an order via SOAP.
    The POST request sends something like:
    SAU: "UN",
    QTY: "",
    SAUSTUCOE: "1",
    STU: "UN",
    But the order resets to the standard "PCT" sales…
  • Set Invoice number using code when running FUNAUTINVD

    I am trying to set the invoice number manually using code, because of the clients requirements I cannot use sequence numbers. 

    I have successfully accomplished this within SPESIH $VERIF_CRE.  However, when running FUNAUTINVD, this is ignored.  I have tried…

  • Entry Point to change Work Order number

    I want to use different Sequence Number definitions (GESANM) for my Work Orders, based on the Entry Transaction type. Per documentation, I'm using the RECUP_NOF entry point within the SUBMFGA process to "impose" a new Work Order Number (…

  • Action that opens a window

    I've started doing some very basic scripts in house but I've run into a wall recently.

    I'm trying to emulate the same behavior that is seen with MANHLDREL tied with the manual hold button on the SO screen.  That is, when the action is triggered…

  • Too many published fields POH (demasiados campos publicados 136.000 porém temos 65.000 Maximo no Syracure)

    Estamos com problemas para publicar Web Service POH, temos 400 campos publicados, porém ao publicar o servidor de aplicações web indica que temos 136.000 campos, porém acredito que tempos que limpar a pasta temporaria do servidor de aplicacoes onde ficam…