De-Assignment by Orders

The client is utilizing assignment rules where when a PO/SO is created, the system will automatically assign it to a existing SO/PO. This is to provide them better visibility on the expected delivery to the customer. However, sometimes they will received large order with 20+ sales order lines. In that case, instead of having the order eating up their inventory, they would turn it into a Drop Ship B2B order. The problem is, system would not allow them to change a regular order to a B2B order if the order line is assigned to a PO. The need to de-assign the order first.

The Deassignment function FUNMDESMTO looks as if the system would allow you to “Desassign” an entire SO/PO by putting in the SO#/PO# on the Request/resource field. However, that is not the case. After filling in the SO/PO number, the system will force you to select from one of the order lines to deassign. In other words, it would only allow you to deassign one order line at a time. This is not a viable process for orders with 20+ lines.

I believe we need to have a function to allow de-assignment by order, and it should be as easy as de-allocation, which can be accomplished by a click of button on the sales order, or by a batch function.