Purchase receipt for a subcontract PO, the materials are not being consumed proportionately when the quantity received is less.

Lets take a look at a scenario where we generate a subcontract order, then allocate it and generate the subcontract purchase order, and then receive the subcontract PO without generating a delivery for the subcontract shortages, we see that the subcontract materials are not being consumed proportionately to the quantity of the subcontract product being received.

- In purchase receipt entry transaction we have the calculate stock to issue checked and material consumption is set to By quantity produced (unlimited).

- Subcontract consumption allocation and issue rule is FIFO and location filter is set to Local location.

- Subcontract product and material UOM is set to LY (Linear Yard).

- Lot and sub lot managed.

- We have sufficient material on hand.

1) GESSCO: Generate a subcontract order for 500 LY

- Subcontract location is an internal location.

- Allocate the subcontract order and generate a subcontract purchase order.

- Since the material is allocated to an internal location we can skip the delivery generation process subcontract shortages.

2) GESPTH: Generate a subcontract receipt by selecting the receipt entry transaction for subcontract receipts.

- While entering the receipt quantity in the detail entry screen break the quantity into 2 lines, 200 on line one and 250.1 on line two (quantity is less than 500).

- select Yes for the message "The total quantity has been changed Confirm".

- select OK for the message "The quantity received has been modified".

- Notice the quantity on the receipt line is correct for the subcontract finished good and the service item.

- Click Create to generate the receipt.

- Then click on the action icon of the subcontract item and select Subcon. order issues.

- Notice, the consumed quantity is 500 each instead of 450.1...Why? (please refer to Note below)


Thanks to the online function help under purchase receipts, when you are creating a subcontract receipt line with or without a WO (work order), and the received quantity is less than ordered quantity for the released and received product, or for the consumed materials related to the subcontracted product, you must manually identify the consumed material lines.

1 ) Click Subcon. order issues from the actions icon to display the stock lines.

2) Click the actions and select Enter detailed quantities to specify the quantity actually consumed.

3) Once the receipt has been saved, the stock information and the received quantity cannot be modified for a received and released product or for the materials consumed for the subcontracted product.

- If you want to modify this information or quantity, you must delete the receipt and recreate it.


It turns out that it was working correctly at one point, but broken somewhere along the way. Meaning when the released product quantity was modified the material consumed got updated automatically based on the parameter above (purchase receipt entry transaction material consumption selection).

Now it has been fixed in v11.0.14, u9.0.11 and 2019 R4 (12.0.19)

On a subcontract receipt, after changing the quantity by the stock detail, the quantity of the component matches the released product quantity. 

Please refer to KB 99366

  • So, we have to pick the stock to transfer to the subcontractor location, by detailed lot allocations, then when a partial receipt comes back, we have to select the proportion of those allocations to consume.

    We're seriously considering buying the Manufacturing module and using subcontract manufacturing Works Orders instead, despite not owning any manufacturing facilities ourselves, just to get around this issue. (In fairness to our reseller, they recommended this in the first place but our senior management at the time pooh-poohed the idea and went for purchase subcontracting alone, against their recommendations. We've all been dealing with the fallout ever since.)

    Is there a way to get purchase subcontracting to do what we need WITHOUT the Manufacturing module in place?

    I'm expecting the answers "no", or "not without significant customisation" so don't be shy if those are the answers...


  • Hi Joel
    We have this same functioning and find it enormously frustrating.
    Because of lot management, we have already allocated the lots/sublots we have shipped to our subcontractor. If we get a partial receipt back from them (& this is how the majority of subcontract items come back to us, as partial receipts), we have to select material lots to consume.
    1. we don't know, of the allocated stock, which lots and sublots have been consumed for a given partial receipt, so we're just guessing which stock is being consumed.
    2. Our reseller suggested changing the entry transaction for Receipts so that subcontract materials are consumed "For Exp Qty on 1st track" rather than "By Qty Produced (unlimited)". The idea is that, on first receipt, all the allocated stock is consumed, posted to WIP. However, we don't have the manufacturing module installed and lots of the functionality around WIP (especially valuation reporting) seems to be dependent on enabling the Manufacturing module. 

  • Hi Joel,great, thank you for the reply this was very helpful,just another question based on this article, if we receipt the subcontract and the planned quantity was a 1000 and we receipt 995, and we then amend the subcontract issue to 1000, I can see that my actual stock increases by 995(correct) my consumed quantity =1000 (correct), after I close my subcontract order my average cost only increases by 995, should the cost for the planned 1000 finished goods not be absorbed by the 995 effectively raising my average cost of the finished good.Once again your insight will be appreciated.

  • Hi Jean, When you have stock in a subcontract location (assuming it is lot managed) you can use the 'Allocate' button and do a detail allocation. Then when you generate a receipt, it will automatically consume the materials from the subcontract location.  

  • Hi Joel, another great article, if all materials on the BOM is set to"To be sent to supplier" and there is stock on the sub-contract location will it automatically allocate that material? or would you still need to generate the shortage? So far I have not been able to get the sub-contract order to allocate from a sub-contract location without doing a delivery(selecting sub-contract shortage) Your advice will be much appreciated. Regards