What is an inter-company price list?

We can define an inter-company price list and it can be used for inter-site transactions.

  • When setting up an inter-company price list, set the customers field to ‘Group’ – a price only concerns the customers of the group (inter-site customers).

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  • In that case a price setup with identical code must be setup in both modules (Purchasing and Sales) in order to make sure that the discounts and the charges are consistent.

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  • It implies that the price list structure of the inter-site supplier is same as the sales price list structure of the company representing the supplier.

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  • Entering the prices is only carried out on the sales side. The group purchasing price lists will then point to the sales price lists.

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  • The inter-site business partner is defined by a check box. This makes it possible to use a business partner to carryout shipments without invoicing between sites. The inter-site customer/supplier BPs are used for multi-site exchanges. A customer BP is a purchase site or a financial site, a supplier BP is a sales site or a financial site.

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If you receive the following error: “Absence of the corresponding Inter-company purchase price list”, it means sales price list exist, but the corresponding purchase price list doesn’t exist.

Similarly, if you get the following error: “The purchase price list with the same code is not-inter-company”, it means when the reciprocal purchase price list for the inter-company sales price list is not of the type inter-company.

If you are looking for an automatic sales order generation upon generating an inter-site purchase order, setup the intercompany parameters. Source document is a purchase order and the target document is a sales order. Additionally, set the price transfer flag to ‘No’.

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  • Enter an inter-site purchase order and take a note of the price and the automatic generation of the sales order.

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  • Price used is from the intercompany price list.

  • You can see the sales order number under acknowledgement ID.
  • The price applied on the sales order is same as the purchase order price.

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