Levelling the Work Order - What is this and how does it work?

Have you ever entered work order(s) and then remembered changes to the Routing or BOM needs to happen? Then did you go for a cup of a coffee and spend the rest of the day ill with worry? It’s okay, X3 has you covered with a cool featured called Levelling WO. And it may be just what you need.

What does Levelling WO mean and how is it used?  The function (FUNMAUTP) can update planned and/or firm work orders where the existing BOM/Routing has been modified. This can be used as a mass update or for selected work orders. Which means if planned and/or firm work orders are in the system and they need to have changes reflected from adjustments on the routing or BOM’s this function makes it happen!


I will walk us through an example below:

1. Create the Work order

Notice the Routing Operations contains 1 Work Center 

2. The Routing needs to have a Labor Center added.

Making this change does not automatically update the Work Order.

3. Instead of deleting the Work Order(s) and then re-entering them go to (FUNMAUTP) Manufacturing, Batch Processes, Work order, Upgrade.

4. Now the Work Order reflects the new Labor Work Center!