Knowing your Sage X3 License – Where to review the License details and data

Last month I discussed how to upload a license file to Sage X3. This time we will look at the details for the License data function. This blog we will talk about what exactly the license data function has in it. There are several sections to note but I will try to simplify as much as possible. For extreme details you can always check out the online help from the Sage X3 product. Let us get started.

Before we start talking about the details let me show you where its located. The details of the license are visible through a function called License Data. This function is found under the Administration Module from within the Sage X3 application. You will need a user with Administrator Rights to see it.

[Administration, Administration, Licenses, License data]

Here you should only see one record (your license) and should look like the screenshot below. Click on the product name to open the details. If you have more than one listing here, you have a major problem and you should have it fixed immediately.

This is our first look at the details. From the screenshot below you will see some of the basic information about the license like when it will expire, serial number, and product version. There is plenty of additional information to note, but it is a good start to see where you stand with your license. I blacked out some of the information because I don't want you to see my stuff and whatnot. Yours will obviously not have black bars on it.


The next section to follow that is the Badges. The badge information is the same badges that you use when your creating roles, users, groups in Sage X3. This section will show you what badges you have access to, how many of them you can use, what each badge’s access is, and total number of sessions allowed. The thing here to note is; if you do not see a function assigned to a badge, it is a function that all badges have access to.


The next section after badges is Module Activity Codes. This section shows what Modules you have access to based on the license purchased. Note that some functions do require an addition to the license like NA-Addons. The Functions are categorized by their associated Modules. Also note that not all the functions are shown. The column says Key functions not all functions.

This leads us into the next section of Activity codes. This section shows you a listing of activity codes that are license specific. Note that if you do not see your activity code listed, it is most likely a custom one (custom like someone made their own. And yes, you can make your own Activity codes) that is not specific to the license or it comes from a NA- Addon (that is a separate license and I will not be talking about it in this blog).


The next section is for Language packs and Legislations. The first part is specific to language pack that will be loaded. Nothing too crazy here. Also, if your language pack is not listed here it could be a third party or custom language packs. You can technically build your own if you have lots of time.

The follow-up section is legislations. This shows what legislations your license has access to. Typically, people pick one but you can have a multi legislation (which is mega complex and I won’t be covering it) configuration and therefore you would need a second or third legislation installed (or at least have access to).


Then lastly, at the bottom, is the parameters. This section shows the license parameters but also shows data on which ERP package was used for the install, the maximum fixed access numbers, web service volume, and more.



There you go. Now you should be an expert on your license’s details and can double check what you bought vs what you have vs what your using. One Final Last, Last, note; I will also include at the very end a bonus screenshot of the current online help explanation of each section. Its not super detailed but has a brief description of what the “always” and “never” means for the availability columns on all the sections.

The Online Help Description: