How to setup the VXAPT production reporting to track operations and materials automatically?

In Setup, Entry transactions, Production plan is the entry transaction used for the VXAPT production reporting function.

VXAPT Production reporting function reports finished and semi-finished goods into inventory and the option to backflush materials and operations. This selection will be active if you have purchased the North American add-on license for XA01 (ADC – Automatic data collection).

Let’s look in the system how to setup a production BOM and complete the work order tracking process using VXAPT.

1. Common data, BOMs, Production BOMs, create a BOM for a manufactured item and components.

2. Product RAW321 and RAW324 set the stock withdrawal mode to ‘Backflush’ in Product site record, Management tab.

3. Create a routing for the finished good and assign a work center.

4. In Setup, Manufacturing, Entry transactions, select the Production plan and create a new entry transaction.

    a.  Go to ADC parameters tab and set the Backflush to ‘Yes’.

     -   When you have this parameter set, then the system will track materials and operations along with the finished good.

     -   Since we have setup only two materials RAW321 and RAW324 to backflush and the others to be manually issued, check the ‘Manual issue only’ check box on the entry transaction parameters tab.

5. In Manufacturing, Planning, Work order generate a work order for the above manufactured item.

6. ADCs, ADCs, Set site assign NA021 (manufacturing site).

7. ADCs, Manufacturing, Production reporting, select the entry transaction VT.

    a.  Pick the work order.

    b.  Enter a quantity to pick (Lets pick 15).

    c.  Click create.

     -  You will receive a log file and check the log file in log reading (Reports, Reports, Log reading).

     -  Notice; it tracked two materials that were setup to backflush plus production reporting (Finished good) and the WO operation.

8. If you look at the tracking record in Manufacturing, Production tracking, Production tracking BOM is tracked for the operations, manufacturing and components.

    -  Operations consumed qty. = 15

    -  Manufacturing achieved qty. = 15

    -  Components Quantity tracked = 360

9. If the ADC parameters Backflush is not setup, i.e. = No.

    -  Operations may not be tracked.

    -  Only the Finished good and the components that were set to ‘Backflush’ on the product site record will be tracked.

10. If the Manual issue only check box is not checked at the entry transaction level, then all the materials on the BOM will be tracked with the FG and the operations.