How to manage suppliers at the product-site level?

Ever wondered if you can manage suppliers at the product-site level? Now you can thanks to the enhancement made to Sage X3 version 12. This comes handy when, for example, there is a need to manage local suppliers specific to a site. Now you can manage product-supplier information at the site level.

Only suppliers existing in the Product-supplier level can be added to the product-site-supplier level.

A new parameter has been added: “Supplier site referencing (ITMBPSFCY)” allowing you to manage suppliers with product-sites.

If ITMBPSFCY parameter is set to Mandatory, the supplier will be managed at the product-site level.

A new activity code “Supplier grid limit (ITBP1)” has been added to allow you to define a maximum of 99 suppliers in the Product-suppliers and Product-site-supplier screens.

This new enhancement will potentially affect Purchase requests, Purchase orders, Back-to-back orders, Buyer plan and Supply planning.