How do I know what parameters are being passed to my Crystal report?

If you are going to preview your report design inside of Crystal reports, you likely need to know what parameters you need to use during your preview.

Not all parameter values come from user entry, some values are automatically sent by the supervisor. There may also be a need in troubleshooting to determine what values are being passed to parameters to a Crystal report.

How can you determine all of these values?

One method is to use GTEST.

There are further details in the NA knowledgebase ( within KB ID 68616 (How to turn on troubleshooting messages in Enterprise Management?)


  1. Open the Calculator from Help, Diagnosis, Calculator on the right panel of a window.
  2. Type sigma(GTEST=0,1,0).
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Close out of the Calculator by clicking the X.
  5. Launch any task or click on any button to show troubleshooting messages.

Important: To disable this function, type sigma(GTEST=0,-1,0) and press ENTER within the calculator.


You can see the values reported for troubleshooting or you may require them to preview a Crystal report.

For more details on previewing a report inside of SAP Crystal Reports, see my blog: