Have you noticed the new copy button on Asynchronous functions?

Have you used any of the task in Enterprise management that produces an asynchronous logs?

For example on V11 :

  1. Open Administration, Endpoint, Batch Server.
  2. Select to view the details of the X3 Batch controller.
  3. Click Start to start the batch controller.
  4. Notice that an Asynchronous page opens up that displays the relevant information related to starting the batch server.

But have you noticed that starting Syracuse 11.14 you have a copy button?

After you click on this copy button the content of the messages seen in this display are copied to a simple easy to save page.

Then you can easily use Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C to select and copy the content. 

This is specially useful when you have a very large set of messages for example in the context of LDAP sync log when you are syncing lots of users using this copy button you can easily copy the message/trace to a file. 

Conclusion: You can now use the copy button in Asynchronous operation,